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With a solid victory over Wolfsburg (0-3), Lille consolidated the first place in Group G and advanced to the Champions League knockout stage for the second time in club history.

Fifteen years later, Lille returned to the knockout stage of the Champions League. Thanks to his brilliant victory (0-3) against the Germans in Wolfsburg, Gulvenecke’s men ensured their qualifications and added icing on the cake, consolidating their first place in Group G.

Realizing the risks, the 2021 French champion began to play in earnest. The Lilles gathered behind, leaving little room for their opponents at night. The Mastiff made it come, and it was unstoppable. Ikoné played before crossing the road. Jonathan David was too short, but Brack Yilmaz followed and crucified Castiles (0-1, 10electronic).

Wolfsburg is trying to return. Paulo Otavio strode forward on the left flank and erected an excellent bridge over Çelik before crossing. Lille defensively dismissed (23electronic). Arnold took a free kick and passed the ball to Weghorst’s header, and Weghorst’s header scored the goal. Not worried enough about Grbic (28electronic).

Lille moved back

After a collision with Lacroix on the left side of the penalty area, Yilmaz tried to retaliate with a free kick. He rolled up a good ball with his right foot, and Castiles easily blocked it near his goal post (35electronic).

The people of Lille were desperate and left the monopoly of the game to the Germans. A big alarm before halftime reminded Lille that their advantage was fragile. Arnold handled a new horn and Weghorst deflected a header from the near post. Reinildo cleared his line of defense (43electronic).

In the tide of the game, Ikone performed well shortly after halftime. The number 10 accelerates and releases a powerful 20-meter lobe before moving into the axis. Casteels relax to tap the ball from the tap (53electronic).

Mbabu and Arnold tried to tie the game, but it was the Mastiff who got the chance. Casteels completely missed the gap near the sideline. Lille recovered and Ikone passed the ball to Yilmaz, who found himself facing an empty goal. The Turks were counterattacked by opponents (64electronic). Just like his next strike, a few minutes later (67electronic).

The Wolves eventually disbanded. Wolfsburg’s defense made a big mistake. The upcoming angel Gomez immediately threw Jonathan David into the penalty area. He found himself in the penalty area alone. Canadians only need to end the strike and return to the post (0-2, 72electronic)

In the collective movement in Lille, Angel Gomez planted the last nail in the German coffin (0-3, 78electronic).Although Zack Steffen scored in the final minutes for the Greens (1-3, 88), there will be no reversalelectronic)

Mastiffs can celebrate. Despite the complicated start, they ranked first in Group G and therefore became the seeds of the 16th round of draws. So better than PSG.


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