U.S. supports Moroccan proposal on Sahara ‘serious, credible and realistic’


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U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenmeeting with the Moroccan Foreign Minister in Rabat, Nasser Britta, in which they deal with a very diverse range of topics.But the point of the visit was to see what position a Biden administration would take His endorsement in December 2020​​ the then President of the United States, Donald Trumpon Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

“The United States recognizes Morocco’s efforts to maintain security in the region, and we recognize the work of Staffan de Mistura in Western Sahara, which is why we consider Morocco’s proposal for Western Sahara to be the most serious and possible The letter and the most realistic.” In this way, Blinken for the first time publicly supported Rabat’s plans for self-government for the former Spanish colony. exist The same route taken by Pedro Sánchez a week and a half ago.

Blinken also referred to the Doha summit over the weekend, describing it as “historic” with “an astonishing normalization of relations with Arab countries”. In this sense, he recalls, diplomatic relations between the United States and Morocco “have been going on for over 240 years.” Reminds the US Secretary of State to stress “the strength of his alliance with Morocco.”

other problems

Blinken and Bourita also talked about Russia invades Ukraine, which happened on February 24 and caused repercussions around the world.In this sense, Blinken points out U.S. will help Morocco solve problems caused by war: Rising energy prices, lack of supply, raw materials, infrastructure, etc.

Speaking of the war, he took the opportunity to once again condemn “the brutality that Vladimir Putin has shown day after day”. In this sense, “we have discussed how to reduce the impact of the war in Ukraine on Morocco”, he stressed that Rabat’s goal is “to achieve 63% renewable energy by 2035”. Blinken praised and helped with the goal.

U.S. Secretary of State He also mentioned the Covid-19 pandemiche once said in a question, “We work side by side to provide Morocco with vaccines, but also medical supplies such as PPE, PCR”.

on the other hand, Blinken praises ‘Morocco’s women’s integration policy’ And defended “they are role models for other Arab countries”.


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