U.S.-Russian power game: Lure Meloni to find partner in Ukraine war


This political earthquake caused victory far right in italy has shaken the EUhe looked suspiciously at the coalition he led Georgia Melloni (Italian brother) and that complete Matteo Salvini (Alliance) and Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia). However, its seismic waves are also felt in other parts of the world and have been analyzed with special attention. in Russia and the United States.

Against the backdrop of the hustle and bustle of the war in Ukraine, both countries took the opportunity trying to seduce who might become the new prime minister of a country third largest economy Second largest European exporter of natural gas to Europe and Russia. Of course, everyone has their own reasons.

Shortly after the results of last Sunday’s Italian elections were announced, Russian presidential spokesman Dimitri Peskov assured that the Kremlin was “ready to welcome any political force. able to transcend the mainstreamfull of hatred towards our country, showing an objective and constructive gesture.”

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Some of the announcements will only amplify fears in Brussels that Italy’s new coalition government distances itself from the line established when it invaded Ukraine. which is, Relaxed or even repressed fears The sanctions imposed on Russia are designed to stifle its economy and thus halt its war machine.

Not that Meloni is allied with Russian President Vladimir Putin.Quite the contrary: it has been announced in recent weeks Open up Atlanticists and reaffirm their support for Kyiv. However, his coalition partners, who needed to travel to Keigi Palace, took the opposite stance.

BerlusconiThat Friendship with Putin For 20 years, the Russian invasion has been condemned from the outset. He did it, yes, cowardly, and just a few days ago he tried to justify him by saying he saw the Russian president”push“start”special operation“In Ukraine.

SalviniOn the other hand, never came to condemn Putin’s actions, publicly questioned Effectiveness of European sanctions And dragged down the pro-Putin proposal that many raised in the face of last Sunday’s vote.

Berlusconi and Putin in 2019.


exactly Discord Something Vladimir Putin wants to exploit.It was the war in Ukraine that was a the heart of the campaignfirst because of its consequences for citizens, such as the explosion in energy prices.

In this sense, the new government, semi-European skeptic, Italy is Russia’s friendliest partner within an increasingly hostile bloc (the European bloc).a potential partner, in addition, he has remained for many years Strong economic and diplomatic relations. At least until Mario Draghi takes office in 2021.

Only on a commercial level, pre-war Italy imported 40% of natural gas comes from Russia, although in the transalpine country, it shares three gas infrastructures with Algeria.So the closure of the EU ranks has hit Italians hard, who, in addition to the energy crisis, are also facing public debt More than 150% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021.

Italy’s economy is in recession, and Meloni needs money so Italy’s unstable political situation doesn’t drive her out a few months into power.therefore has softened its Eurosceptic stance Recent months: 191.5 billion euros of next-generation EU funds in jeopardy.

However, Putin is also aware of the delicate situation in the country.and take advantage of the close relationship with it Berlusconi and SalviniOpening the door to lifting sanctions on the war in Ukraine may try to lure Melloni into breaking community consensus in exchange for energy.One cheaper energylike that Sold to China and India. In this way, the Kremlin will get Divide and weaken On the one hand to Europe, and increase your income for another.

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On the other side of the Atlantic, America also wants to seduce Meloni. U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenassured on Monday that Washington was “eager” to cooperate with Italy’s new chief executive on issues such as the war in Ukraine or human rights.

“Following this Sunday’s election, we look forward to working with the Italian government to achieve our shared goals: supporting a free and independent Ukraine, respecting human rights and building a sustainable economic future. Italy is an important ally, a strong democracy and an important partner. “Blinken has specified on its official Twitter profile.

Meloni has repeatedly assured that he intends to implement a balanced fiscal policy and will advocate for EU and NATO partners to unite in supporting Ukraine against Russia.

When Meloni’s candidacy began to take shape and she began to be seen as the darling of the Italian election, she herself wanted to reassure her European partners and recorded a video intervention in French, English and Spanish. His aim is to ensure that his victory is not an earthquake or a rupture within the EU.

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“I read that a victory for the Italian brothers could be disastrous, which would lead to an authoritarian turn, Italy could leave the euro and a whole bunch of other crap. None of this is true,” the Roman leader assured during that intervention.

Giorgia Meloni thanked the Italians for their electoral victory.

Giorgia Meloni thanked the Italians for their electoral victory.


In fact, according to international and Italian media reports, Meloni has been working with Mario Draghi and other political leaders to make the transition of power as comfortable and smooth as possible. The goal, according to European analysts and officials, is nothing more than avoiding a crisis spiral during times of economic uncertainty. Reuters.

For Marc Lazar, an Italian political expert who works for the “think tank” Institut Montaigne, it is Melloni’s “importance of understanding certain issues to prevent him from undermining what he has achieved so far”.

That’s why Melloni’s victory went unnoticed in Washington, where they believed he would keep the line Draghi followed. “It’s all going to be a disaster narrative With the Italian brothers in power Did not meet our expectations”U.S. officials said.

Meloni’s victory in Italy was overwhelming, but if we stick to his declaration of intent, he doesn’t seem likely to cause a political earthquake across Europe, let alone a “tsunami” across the Atlantic.



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