U.S. nuclear submarine “Connecticut” “hit an object” causing 11 injuries


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At least 11 crew members were injured after the U.S. nuclear submarine attackUSS Connecticut“Hit the object” It has not been determined when sailing in the Indo-Pacific waters.

The Navy itself confirmed the incident in a statement that ensured that there were no life-threatening injuries to the wounded.Other ways, for example Navy times, The number of people affected by the incident is 11.

According to the professional media quoting a naval official, the incident occurred on October 2. According to the maritime department, the lives of any wounded are clearly not in danger, and the ship will arrive in Guam in the next few hours.

The Navy did not confirm in its statement what type of object hit the submarine, but an official who requested anonymity said he was not authorized to discuss the matter. Navy times The topography of the area at the time did not indicate that there was a piece of land in front of the ship.

Damage assessment

According to the official, there was no indication that the accident was “hostile in nature” or that the submarine collided with another ship. He warned that the current information about the incident is preliminary.

The official said that although the two crew members suffered moderate injuries, no one asked to evacuate the ship. Although he did not want to confirm the total number of injured crew members, he described the injuries as “blows, bruises and lacerations.”

According to the US Navy, it is the “Seawolf Connecticut” (SSN 22) class fast attack submarine.

The submarine maintains a safe and stable state. The nuclear power plant and space are not affected and remain fully operational. The extent of damage to the rest of the submarine is being assessed.

The note stated that the U.S. Navy has not yet requested assistance and will investigate the incident.


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