Tyson Fury says he can beat Oleksandr Usyk in just one week of training camp


Tyson Fury continues to haunt the internet on the verge of a potential fight against Oleksandr Usyk unify names and a chance to be called the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

British heavyweight champion now even said he could beat his Usyk in just a week of trainingdue to the fact that he is much smaller than him..

Last Saturday Usyk managed to retain his WBO, WBA, IBF, IBO world titles after defeating Anthony Joshua in a highly anticipated 12-round rematch in Saudi Arabia..

Usyk took the title from Joshua almost a year ago, then won by unanimous decision.

Tyson Fury considers Oleksandr Usyk a middleweight

Usyk is by far the smallest fighter of the pair, but Tyson Fury went further and said that the Ukrainian is nothing more than a middleweight fighter. who moved up to the heavyweight division.

“He boxed in the weight of 75 kg. [165-pounds] like an amateur. 75 kg!? That’s why I call it average. I never said that the job would not be easy. All this “pound for pound legend” nonsense, I don’t rate him!”

Britishwho also recently said he wanted $500 million payday fight Oleksandr Usyknow says he can beat his opponent with just a week of training before a fight, assuring that he will punch him with his fists.

“When Usyk was doing amateur boxing, sucking his mother’s nipples, I was the British heavyweight champion,” Fury assured Talk Sport.

Tyson Fury also landed some jabs on Anthony Joshua.

Fury says Usyk is being overhypedespecially after beating Anthony Joshua, whom he doesn’t seem to consider a boxer.

“I am not interested in Usyk. Some kind of person no one can name? Inflated average weight? It’s not my fault that he left and beat up AJ, some bodybuilder! It’s not my fault that this happened twice in a row.” Fury said before continuing.

“It was always just me. They try to compete, but they are beaten. There is no disrespect to Joshua, but in boxing at the highest level of world class, he simply does not cope.


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