Tyson Fury challenges Anthony Joshua: ‘He’s an idiot and I’ll knock him out’


Tcurrent WBC Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Furyseems to have regained the desire to continue fighting after his last fight in April, where he knocked out Dillian Whytehe said he was thinking of resigning.

In recent days, he has launched several challenges Anthony Joshuaformer WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion who will be looking to reclaim his belts on August 20 against Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk. Regarding the duel, the “Gypsy King” challenged his compatriot mockingly.

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Tyson Fury Threats

“Anthony Joshua is an idiot and I will knock him out. If he beats Usyk, he should fight me for free in England, for the sake of the fans. Not for hundreds of millions abroad or in a foreign country, let it be here in the UK,” said Tyson Fury.

Fury even asked for the show to be aired on free TV with free tickets to give British fans a new treat similar to the big show Fury put on during his fight against Whyte in Wembley.

“It would be seen 30 million people for free. That you don’t win for money. Let’s do it for the British fans. Let’s see who is the real man of the people. I know yes, so I’m willing to do it for free in the UK, Fury said. – He won’t want to do it, he will want to go abroad because he is a businessman. And I don’t care about business.”

The only condition Fury asked for was that Joshua get up and get his belts back. Tendrilalthough in general the boxing world does not really trust the qualities of Joshua, as well as the Mexican Gilberto “Lefty” Ramirezwho said that if he moved up in the class, he would challenge him because he was the most accessible opponent for his style.

Joshua doesn’t want to beat Usyk?

For his part, Fury assured that Joshua didn’t want to beat Usyk and that he even offered to train him to be in top shape for their rematch, but AJ turned down the offer.

“I would train him to defeat Usyk very easily, but he does not need my help, because I would definitely train him to win. and he clearly doesn’t want to win,” Fury said.

If Usyk retains his belts and wants to team up against Fury, “The Gypsy King” initially warned that he would ask for a $500 million purse to put his gloves back on because he was already feeling “tired”.

So the second alternative he offered to accept the challenge is free wrestling, completely open to everyone.


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