Two songs from Johnny Depp’s new album are inspired by the trial of Amber Heard

BUTafter the libel trial, Johnny Depp recorded a new album with Jeff Beck which includes new songs about his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Good friends Beck and Depp have been working on a new album together after Beck unexpectedly invited Depp to join him at his recent concert. UK allR.

Following a libel trial against his ex-wife Heard, the actor toured with British musician Beck, with whom he co-wrote two songs for an upcoming album titled eighteen.

In one of the songs, Depp can be heard singing, “I think you’ve said enough for one hell of a night.”

it Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr the album’s lead single was allegedly written by Depp. “You sit there like a dog with a seven year itch… If I had a penny, it wouldn’t reach your hand,” he sings on another track called Parade of sad bastards.

Beck and Depp collaboration

On July 15, the album became available. Only two songs on the album were written by Depp; other cover songs Lou Reed The Velvet Undergroundas well as beach boys.

The two had previously worked on music; in 2020 they released a cover of John Lennon “Insulation.” They also covered What’s Going On. Marvin Gay, Let it be me The Everly Brotherslittle wing Jimi Hendrixand “Death and Resurrection Show” Killer joke.

The lyrics have caused controversy among Amber Heard fans and they have been very vocal about it on social media, scolding the actor for trying to cash in on such a sensitive issue. The fact is that Depp never mentions Heard either directly or by name, so this is all speculation.


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