Two environmentalists threw tomato soup at Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”


version Sunflowers Van Gogh what hangs on the walls National Gallery London He was the victim of an attack by two environmental fanatics who wanted to protest against the use of oil and gas.

two criminals owned by Just Stop Oil, who claimed responsibility for his attack by posting on Twitter asking “is art worth more than life, more than food, more than justice?” and that “the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis are fueled by oil and gas.

Only after damaging the wonderful work of Van Gogh, the madmen clung to the wall of the museum, and some of those present and photographers and cameras – probably from the organization itself – they strove to photograph the attack.

The painting is protected

Shortly after the act of apparent terrorist inspiration, the British police explained on Twitter that their agents were “quickly” on the scene and the two perpetrators who soiled the painting were arrested. “for damage and violation of property rights”.

According to the EFE agency, frame protected by glassso that the painting would not be harmed, although the frame it is in would be.

Picasso five days ago, Botticelli in July.

On the last day nine, a couple more crazy ones, in this case from the organization Extinction Risechose a work Picasso for a similar act: they glued their hands to the canvas massacre in Koreawhich was part of an exhibition by an artist from Malaga at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

In July, one of the pinnacles of Renaissance painting fell victim to terrorist tactics of environmentalists: SpringSandro Botticelli, to which they also glued their hands to the picture. This time they were members of an Italian group calling themselves Ultima Generazione.



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