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this Paris Saint-Germain Once again under attack for one of its nuggets! In fact, from his 16-year-old peak, El Chadaille Bisthiabu was seen as the promise of a future centre-back position. Only, Parisians may again face serious problems keeping it.

Arsenal and Manchester City are here!

Following Bayern Munich and Salzburg, it is now the turn of Arsenal and Manchester City to take an interest in the Villeneuve-Saint George case, according to Julian Maynard. Two British cadors will offer him a long-term project and hope to recruit him this summer. However, Paris would refuse to accept it, definitely wanting to keep his Titi. As a reminder, his contract with the capital club expires in 2024.


Two English players would recently approach Paris Saint-Germain for one of the Nuggets, but the club is closed. In fact, both Arsenal and Manchester City wanted to bring in El Chadaille Bitshiabu, but Paris would refuse.


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