Two civilians killed in Israeli armed attack, two attackers shot dead by police


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Two Israelis died this Sunday in the city of Hadera in the north of the countryshot by two attackers, who were killed by security forcesaccording to an Israeli police spokesman.

In addition, three police officers were injured and taken to a nearby clinic.

The attack came less than a week after a similar attack, in which four Israeli civilians were killed, coincided with “Negev Summit”a historic event for Israel to host diplomatic heads from the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt and the United States.

The attack has not yet been claimed.Security camera footage broadcast on Israeli TV shows two men They opened fire with assault rifles on one of the main streets Hadera.

“Fortunately, the police succeeded in suppressing the attackers and preventing a larger terrorist attack,” National Police spokesman Eli Levy told Israeli TV. sweat.

As detailed, the attackers opened fire on security forces personnel, The two dead civilians were bystanders who is in the area.

After the first shot, plainclothes officers at a nearby restaurant opened fire on the attackers, killing them on the spot.

Although the identity of the attackers has not been officially confirmed, local media reported that they were Palestinians with Israeli citizenship living in a nearby city.

If confirmed, this This will be the second attack in less than a week Crimes committed by Israeli citizens, which are unusual and more difficult for security forces to stop.

Last Monday, a Bedouin living in southern Israel stabbed to death four civilians in the city of Beer Sheva in the bloodiest attack on record in the country in years.

After information about the incident was released this Sunday, the Secretary of Defense, Benny Gantzcalled an emergency meeting with leaders of the Army, Internal Security Service (Shin Bet) and the police.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yar Rapid called the incident a “heinous terrorist attack” and warned that “Israel will fight terrorism uncompromisingly and stand with its allies against any attempt to harm terror. ideological people.”

Rapid’s statement was made in the framework of the “Negev Summit” with the US Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkenThe ministers and their new regional partners, according to a diplomatic statement, also condemned the attack and offered their condolences to the families of the civilians killed.

from Gaza StripThe Islamist movement Hamas, on the other hand, celebrated the “heroic attack”, calling it a “natural and legitimate response to the occupation and its crimes against the Palestinian people”.


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