Twitter’s former cybersecurity chief accuses it of gross negligence


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The former social network security chief accused the U.S. company of failing to take steps to keep its users safe. He also condemned the existence of software that allowed thousands of Twitter employees to access data on the platform’s subscribers.

Peiter Zatko’s skills as a penitent computer hacker made him the head of cybersecurity for the social network Twitter. But he was fired in January 2022 amid a public conflict with the company’s management team.

The former employee who filed the complaint against Twitter revealed to US media all the glitches the company is accustomed to in terms of computer security. Half of the company’s servers hosting user data are outdated and vulnerable. He also condemned the existence of content moderation software that allows thousands of employees of the social network to access the private information of internet users.

The device is reportedly used by some governments for surveillance and espionage purposes. India’s secret services, in particular, would force Twitter to provide access to the software.

After the whistleblower broke the news, French CNIL A decision has been made to investigate non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Irish equivalent has also launched a process to verify its allegations against Twitter.

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