Tweed, the king of autumn and winter wardrobe seasons

One fall after another, Tweed was once again recognized as one of the favorite fabrics of fashionistas.since Miss Coco Chanel Take him out of the rural environment and make him the star of the most urban fashion, Tweed is the king of autumn and winter wardrobes. It is warm and comfortable, like a magic wand, immediately making the low-key denim part of an elegant and “elegant” appearance.

Just a few days ago, Tamara Falco He was surprised that his recipe book presented a refined style, in which the tweed jacket brought a different atmosphere to the simple combination of jeans and a white T-shirt.But the Marquise of Grignon She is not the only one succumbing to the charm of this fabric.

Tamara Falcó with tweed jacket / Gtres

Penelope CruzFaithful to the brand, betting on tweed as the protagonist and surpassing the style of the actress on countless occasions, Queen Letizia also kept in her wardrobe dresses made of this fabric and other clothing, some of which are from Zara .

Letizia, in a tweed dress / Gtres

Many companies have launched a tweed series this season.One of them is a guest fashion brand Manuela goes to the party, Which includes its latest series of recommendations, including many models of the fabric. These include a semi-fitting jacket with visible shoulders, fringed trim on the shoulders and lapels, low collar and double slits, a straight cut matador jacket with ruffles and hidden closures on the shoulders, and Two pairs of trousers: a long, high-waisted skinny, ankle strap and extra-long palace cut.

Tweed jacket / Manuela go to the party

All items of the brand are made in San Sebastián, which takes us to the most fashionable Paris, just like other fabrics in its collection, such as the toilet de jouy with elephant motifs, Take us across Asia and Africa. Double bomb crepes are the second skin. The minimalism and elegant tulle that let us fly to New York reminds us that winter, whether in the island or in the big city, we don’t have to feel the cold. The brand was born in December 2014 , And opened a flagship store in San Sebastian in May 2015. From the beginning, it chose a 0km production method. Its clothing is made in accordance with the highest quality standards, designed for use other than events or weddings, and is durable, in line with the concept of slow fashion and responsible fashion. In addition to this logo, there are many “Made in Spain” brands that bet on tweed in the cold months of the year. Laura Bernal or Lolitas & L Are some examples. Don’t miss the best tweed looks in our gallery, they will inspire your outfits of the season.

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