Tusk’s plan to avoid “Poland Brexit”: signing of the Polish constitution complicates exit from the European Union


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Former Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk It was confirmed this Friday that enough signatures have been collected for the submission of amendments to the constitution and “Make it very difficult Poland Leaving the European Union”.

Tusk stated that the proposal will be submitted to the House of Representatives next Monday to reform Article 90 of the Polish Constitution and take effect in the future. Need two-thirds of the vote Condemned an international agreement.

“What I fear most is that from now on it is possible Poland Obtain the right to vote in the European Union with a simple majority vote (one day, or more precisely, one night), PiS (Law and Justice, Government Party) Make this decision through some cheap political tactics Let us leave (European Union),” Tusk said.

The Polish opposition leader confirmed that “it is in everyone’s political interest to persuade Poles (to leave the EU) to not happen”, but warned that “PiS is exiting the EU”.

Tusk mentioned some of the problems his country faces with Brussels, such as the dispute at the Turów mine, which led to Due to its highly polluting nature, Warsaw is fined 500,000 euros per day, Which was condemned Czech Republic.

“Turów provides us with energy. According to estimates I have seen, it provides 2% to 4% of our energy needs. This has no fundamental contribution to our energy security, but it is difficult to replace,” Tusk said .

“But our Czech neighbours did not force us to shut down Turuf; this is a PiS propaganda lie that started to spread,” he emphasized. “The problem is to negotiate with the Czechs to eliminate what they have suffered as a result of Turuf. Damage, so as not to pay stupidly high fines.”

The European Commission announced that if Warsaw does not close the Turów coal mine or financially does not meet the sanctions imposed on it, the amount can be deducted from the European funds allocated to Poland.

The head of the citizen platform also mentioned Cancellation of Polish Prime Minister Matusz Morawiecki’s visit to Hungary, He will participate in the 4th Population Summit in Budapest, and said, “We have been establishing the Visegrad Forum for many years, where Poland has active leadership. Now Morawiecki has decided not to go to Budapest because The Czech Prime Minister will be there”.

According to Tusk, this situation “looks like a Monty Python script, or a nightmare, because in the end even Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Leader of the ruling party) will work with Victor Orban (Head of the Hungarian Government)”.

He concluded: “No interlocutor in Europe takes us seriously.” Donald Tusk.


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