Turkey sees Donbas referendum ‘illegal’: Erdogan also dumps Putin


Vladimir Putin is increasingly isolated Violence against Ukraine escalatesIn addition to the unanimous opposition his actions have drawn across the European Union and the United States, some countries that have been more restrained in criticizing the Russian president have now joined in the words of condemnation.yes yesterday China calls for ‘ceasefire’Today is Turkey calls referendum ‘illegal’ Held in the Donbas region.

In a statement issued Wednesday night, Turkey’s foreign ministry described the consultations as “illegal fait accompli” with which Russia hopes to annex some occupied parts of Ukraine, which will only further complicate the situation. “We are concerned about attempts to organize unilateral referendums in certain regions of Ukraine under Russian control. These unjust fait accompli will not be recognized by the international community. “explaining the foreign claims.

In addition, the note added that this situation would have the “opposite” effect,”will complicate efforts to revive the diplomatic process It deepens instability.

This week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made harsh comments about Russia’s actions in Turkey.President assures Vladimir Putin of intention to ‘end war as soon as possible’ but also insists Russia needs to return occupied territories to Ukraine, Including Crimea, which was annexed to Russia in 2014.

“If peace is to be established in Ukraine, of course, The return of invaded territories will be very important“This is the expected outcome,” the president said. “We are asking (Putin) to return Crimea to its owners,” he said, although he admitted “unfortunately, no progress has been made. “

In the same statement from the foreign ministry, the country reiterated its support “The territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine”Turkey “has been emphasizing this since its illegal annexation of (Ukrainian peninsula) Crimea in 2014”.

Crimea has been a particularly sensitive issue for Turkey, which has never acknowledged Russian annexation due to millions of Tatars from the Black Sea peninsula.However, in the nearly seven months of the invasion of Ukraine, Turkey’s stance has been lukewarm and has tried to maintain A “balanced” position between the parties to resolve conflicts through negotiation.

Putin’s latest move appears to be pushing Erdogan to align himself more with his European counterparts, increasingly isolating the Russian president.

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