Turkey: Angry Muslims Demand Arrest Of Journalist For Revealing Muslim Cleric’s Marriage To Girl


This is a fairly common phenomenon. Supporters of jihad violence and sharia oppression are routinely enraged by news reporting that makes jihad or Islam look bad, no matter how accurate the news. They are not angry about the incident, just that it is being reported.

“Journalist faces online harassment after revealing alleged child marriage in Islamic group,” Bianet, December 9, 2022 (thanks to La Religión de la Paz):

The revelation of an alleged marriage of the daughter of a prominent religious figure at the age of six sparked a social media campaign against the journalist who first reported on the incident.

Timur Soykan, a columnist for the daily BirGün, reported on December 3 about an investigation launched after HKG, now 24, filed a complaint alleging that she was forced to marry a 29-year-old man, K.İ. , in 1998.

After HKG turned 18, they officially got married. The couple, who had a son, later divorced.

HKG is the daughter of Yusuf Ziya Gümüşel, who heads the Hiranur Foundation affiliated with the İsmailağa sect, an Islamic community close to the government.

The investigative file includes HKG’s statements as well as its conversations with K.İ. that he had secretly recorded, and the photos of him with K.İ. when she was a child, according to Soykan’s article. In the talks, HKG accuses the man of abusing her as a child, which he denies. [sic].

HKG’s brother and two sisters posted a video yesterday (Dec 8), denying the allegations. They said that they had grown up in the same house and did not know of such a marriage. The family claims that HKG married K.İ. at the age of 17.

Later that day, a social media campaign against Soykan was launched, with hashtags demanding his trial and arrest becoming trending topics on Twitter in Türkiye….


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