Tuchel points finger at Christensen: it was not the first time


Chelsea trainer Thomas Tuchel showed he wasn’t sure Andreas Christensenparticipation in Chelsea’s Premier League game against Leicester City on Thursday night, admitting the Dane had previously been dropped from playing teams.

Danish central defender asked not to play against Liverpool in the FA Cup Final, although the reasons for his move are unclear. He is going to move to Barcelona at the end of the season.

“I’m not sure yet if he’ll be practicing tomorrow and over the weekend,” he said. Tuchel.

“Andreas came in the morning [FA Cup final] match to talk to me and tell me that he is not ready to play the match, not start or be on the bench.

“He had his reasons, they remain private and confidential. But this was not the first time, as you can see in recent weeks, that we had the same situations.

“That’s why he hasn’t been playing as regularly lately.

“We thought we were in good progress and development, but the conversation took place, we had to respect him, and we certainly respected him.

“There was very little time left before the cup final, and not only in this match, but also in other matches in previous weeks.

“There is no chance that I have a forecast for tomorrow or for the weekend.”

nothing personal

Tuchel provided that he does not accept Christensen situation personally, adding that the 26-year-old is still part of the Blues team.

“We had to accept it and we will accept it,” he said. Tuchel Respectfully Christensencurrent situation.

“I try my best, I can’t take things personally and I still believe Andreas wanted to play those matches, I still believe he could in terms of potential and ability.

“And he has struggled in recent weeks, as you can see, when he was not in the lineup or not playing, although he was physically available. It wasn’t completely unexpected.”

“We thought we had prepared him well by playing a very impressive game at Leeds. [United]. He is a key player.”


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