Tua Tagovailoa on Dolphin Interest in Tom Brady: It’s All Noise


HeyIt’s been a busy preseason for Miami Dolphins. The NFL recently fined the owner Stephen Ross and vice president Bruce Beal a combined two million dollars for their involvement in a fraud scandal involving Tom Brady.

Despite this punishment, the team’s interest in the California quarterback is real, although the current dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa his role in the team is clear.

Shared Commitment

During a conversation with the media Tagovailoa spoke about his interest in Tom Brady.

“Yes, I mean, I’m still here” Tagovailoa said.

“For me now it’s all noise.

“I would say that the only thing that upsets you is that you hear it every day or see it every day.”

Tagovailoa were with dolphins over the course of two seasons, and it seems the Florida team’s commitment to the young QB is strong… at the moment.

I played in 13 games last season for a total of 2,653 yards, 16 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions.

Rumors spread after a brawl between dolphins as well as Buccaneers. However, Brady did not speak to the media to express his point of view. Therefore, journalists took the opportunity to you be the one to clear any doubts.

It is not clear whether Tom Brady will continue to play in the NFL after next season, everything will depend on his performance and what he achieves Tampa Bay.

At 24 you he is predicted to become one of the league’s top QBs of the future.


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