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We welcomed the will of former Trump to launch a social network : in the past in several editorials Post he called for the creation of public social networks, and if that fails, private initiatives, including the Donald Trump initiative, can only be applauded. When the name “Truth Social” was revealed, one could only fear. We would certainly prefer “Freedom” to “Truth.”

Gwendal Gauthier, director of the Courrier des Amériques.

We tested the network and first had to join the waiting list for many months before we were accepted to Truth Social at the end of March.

In an article for Business Insider, Rosie Bradbury describes her own “truth,” which is certainly quite close to the truth we saw there: ” I spent a week at Truth Social (…). It’s like a conservative ghost town ruled by robots “.

It looks a lot like Facebook, and it’s very good, because Facebook is the most watched social network, the most active, and it deserves the most competition to create new spaces subject to different rules.

From the first second on Truth Social, there is a list of sites to watch. The one at the top of the pile (“on top of the world”) is apparently Don, who had already gained 829,000 followers at the beginning of April. Then immediately come other no less conservative proposals, such as Fox News presenter Sean Hannity (372,000 followers), Kyle Rittenhouse (269,000 followers; yes, he is the one who beat people protesting the murder of George Floyd (1)) or the Web “Breitbart” page, but also a very nice page called “Hot Chicks golfing”, which broadcasts photos and videos of pretty girls playing golf, which is obviously part of “MAGA (2).

All this creates a very uninteresting news wall, it must be acknowledged that only a select few Republicans play the game by regularly proclaiming their “truths.” Even Trump is waiting: April 2 hasn’t tweeted yet (ooops, sorry, “Thruthted”)

It would be wrong to rejoice in the Truth Social disaster: Donald Trump was credited with trying. He even managed to prove that there is nothing easier than making a social network. Problem it is not to build a space for discussion, the problem is to connect people to it, who are supposed to form the society we want to grow there. If it’s just for people who all think the same … interest is very relative. Note that this is also a test of the intentions that can be made with Zuckerberg: Facebook often succumbs to a single idea. Do we really want social networks to be bubbles, a link to unique ideas?

So it will be difficult (or will take a long time) for Truth Social to achieve the promised revolution: Trumpian is the 29th most downloaded social network in the App Store. Definitely, ” The truth will set you free said Christ (3) … but Donald’s truth is a little less successful at the moment! The number of downloads is constantly decreasing.

Some will argue that Truth Social rated Wall Street and even has 4.2 out of five stars in the Apple App Store with 46,600 voters … When we see that there are only five comments, we say there were actually robots. ! Go and test for yourself … at the moment, only Trump’s fans are interested (and still).

Morality: Freedom of speech should not be privatized by social networks like this: neither Zuck’s nor Trump’s. Freedom of expression is a fundamental public freedom and should be guaranteed by public authorities.


– 1 – Rittenhouse was certainly in a state of self-defense, but still it seems strange to make him a hero…

– 2 – Make America Great Again

– 3 – Chapter 8 of the Gospel of St. John


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