Trump’s special counsel is a professional hack with a history of going after conservatives


When Bruce Wasserstein, a billionaire backer of the Clintons, made a $25 million donation to Harvard Law, future Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who was serving as dean at the time, welcomed it. The donation built on Harvard Law’s already established Wasserstein Scholars Program, which attracted “outstanding public interest lawyers” to Harvard and provided them with stipends of up to $24,000 to rally and influence students toward social justice at the prestigious law School.

When Jack Smith became a member of Wasserstein, even while unironically serving as head of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, apparently requesting and accepting a

grant funded by a leftist billionaire (but who watches over the integrity of the head of the Public Integrity Section) joined a list of left-wing activist lawyers who work for the ACLU, Earthjustice, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Soros Open Society, Catholic Church Charities and the UN.

The Wasserstein Fellows’ mission was to bring together “a diverse group of accomplished public interest attorneys who are excited to share their passions with law students about how to use their legal education to advance social justice.” Those passions included illegal migration, letting criminals get away with committing crimes, and dismantling America.

How Jack Smith of the Department of Justice would promote social justice was a question that was answered twice. At least twice in public view where everyone could see and hear it.

The latest came when Attorney General Garland selected Smith as special counsel to go after Trump. But before that, anyone wondering what Jack Smith did to get elected as a social justice lawyer should have been paying close attention to the IRS scandal that took place a year before he was appointed to Wasserstein.

Under Obama, the IRS and Justice Department had illegally targeted conservative nonprofit organizations to silence political dissent. As Lois Lerner, testifying bitterly before Congress, became the deeply unsympathetic face of the IRS, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform revealed who was playing a key role in criminalizing dissent.

“The Department of Justice convened a meeting with former IRS official Lois Lerner in October 2010 to discuss how the IRS could assist in the criminal enforcement of campaign finance laws against politically active nonprofit organizations. This meeting was organized under the direction of the Chief of the Public Integrity Section, Jack Smith,” the Committee stated.

According to the National Republican Bar Association, “Investigators for Public Integrity Section Chief Jack Smith said Justice Department officials discussed conservative nonprofit groups with Lerner as early as October 2010.”

A year later, Smith became a member of Wasserstein.

Despite all this, Smith went unnoticed. Although Lois Lerner was sued, Smith remained virtually as anonymous as his name, including his real name, John Smith, but Smith was just doing his job. Not for us, but for those who had put him in his role.

Smith had been handpicked to head the DOJ’s public integrity section by Lanny Breuer.

Breuer, Bill Clinton’s special counsel who defended him during his impeachment hearings, and later Sandy Berger, after he stole classified documents from the National Archives to cover up Clinton’s actions, had been hired by Obama to head the criminal division. of the Department of Justice.

Disliked, mistrusted, and hated even by his fellow Democrats and leftists for his connections and client list, Clinton’s consigliere, a man no one in DC believed had an ounce of integrity, then brought in Jack Smith to do part of his dirty work.

Would Lanny Breuer have chosen someone with integrity to head public integrity?

HAS New York Times The review of some of the Breuer and Smith cases seems to focus almost entirely on Republicans, touching on names like the Senator. John Ensign, Rep. Tom DeLay, Rep. Jerry Lewis, and Rep. Don Young, citing the convictions of Rep. Rick Renzi and Gov. Bob McDonnell: respectively pardoned and annulled.

Public integrity under Obama meant targeting the Republicans. He still does it under Biden. As much as he did under the Clintons. Three corrupt administrations united by their abuses to the Department of Justice.

When it seemed like a new day was dawning after Trump’s victory, Jack Smith timely retired from government and became the head of litigation for the Hospital Corporation of America.

The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) had been filled with veterans of the Obama administration a few years earlier.

Marilyn Tavenner, almost a staple of the Obama scandals as Lois Lerner, who spearheaded the disastrous launch of Obamacare and tried to explain why the website wasn’t working, had left HCA. Nancy-Ann DeParle, the architect of Obamacare, became a director of HCA.

The real purpose of the HCA-Obamacare connection was not to implement things on the consumer side, but to help broker a dirty deal that got HCA on board with Obamacare. When King v. Burwell was about to take on Obamacare, the HCA filed a brief on behalf of the illegal program to defend the exchanges as part of the dirty deal it had made with the Obama administration.

Even as future Sen. Rick Scott, the ousted former HCA CEO, campaigned against Obamacare, warning, “If we get more government involvement, we’re going to have dramatically worse health care,” Biden boasted that HCA joined a deal to “cut costs” to make Obamacare work.

With that kind of history, Jack Smith going to work for HCA made a lot of sense.

To ordinary people, Smith’s career as Justice Department, war crimes prosecutor in Yugoslavia, and head of litigation for a hospital chain seems curiously random. They have one thing in common.

All of these were Clinton priority projects.

Hillary Clinton had been obsessed with the government takeover of health care long before Obama. The disastrous intervention in Yugoslavia was a Clinton project. And the Clintons had been hellbent on seizing control of the Justice Department and punishing their political enemies.

That’s what the Justice Department started doing from Hillary’s abuse of FBI files to Russiagate.

Even Smith’s role as a Wasserstein member sounds familiar.

Bruce Wasserstein had a history with the Clintons. When Rahm Emanuel left the Clinton White House, he got a job in Wasserstein’s Chicago office. And before long, the Clinton adviser and future Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor had made $16 million.

Wasserstein did more than organize fundraisers for Bill Clinton, along with Alec Baldwin, not to mention donating to Hillary Clinton, Gore, Schumer, and so many other Democrats. (Though he was also briefly Mitch McConnell’s brother-in-law.) Upon his death, the corporate raider was praised for his “passion for social justice.” He never saw Hillary Clinton rise and fall.

It may be a coincidence, but Smith’s resume is what you’d expect from a federal careerist with Clinton connections. Even his long vacations in Europe were the kind of things Clintonians used to build their resumes. That resume was outdated in the Obama era, but Smith still seemed capable of hitting many of the right notes.

Smith was even named one of the “International Champions of Gender” and stated that he was “strongly committed to working with my office to ensure that gender equality, as part of diversity and inclusion, is a key consideration in everything we do.” we make”.

There is a curious final note on how Smith was chosen as a specialist prosecutor for the Yugoslavia war crimes trials in The Hague. Smith was chosen in 2018 “after a selection process organized by the European Union” and was “appointed by the head of mission of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, Alexandra Papadopoulou.” In 2020, Papadopoulou, a Fulbright scholar, became Greece’s ambassador to the Biden administration.

Washington DC may seem small compared to other major cities, but it is a vast hive of careerists, contractors, consultants, lobbyists, and activists, all scampering through the stone and glass buildings, restaurants, and shops whose relationships with one another are so entangled as they are hostile to us. As George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you’re not in it.”

Jack Smith is a life member of the club. And now they’ve given her the most important job of his career. He’s not one who’s likely to reap much in the way of immediate rewards. Just ask Bob Swan Mueller III, but he is an act of public service to the political network that runs DC.

And parts beyond, in the European Union, which helped contribute to Russiagate.

Since Smith’s leg was broken after a bicycle accident (a danger in the Biden administration), he will be in charge of the Trump investigation from Europe. And no one is surprised that an investigation of a former president is being carried out from the capital of the European Union.

But it’s not like we run our own country anyway.

The upper echelons of the administrative state are a network of political alliances of ambitious men and women looking for the next rung to power. They don’t work for us. Instead, they serve their patrons and use political connections to navigate the public-private career ladder.

The media are already building the Smith myth. “A Justice Department attorney outside the core cast,” the New York Times sprouted, with a “hoary mine.” And, “an idealist and a brilliant independent thinker and a courageous lawyer.” The core cast always needs good actors to play the part and fool people long enough for the next phase of the plan to kick in.

And, at least unlike Bob Mueller and Joe Biden, Jack Smith probably knows where he is. And he knows who really runs things and who he needs to serve to land the next big job.


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