Trump organization found guilty of tax evasion


New York, (EFE).- The Trump Organization, of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), was found guilty on Tuesday of tax evasion, for having paid executives “under the table”, by giving them a significant portion of their compensation so they could reduce their portion subject to taxes, according to local media.

The two companies found guilty by a Manhattan Supreme Court jury are Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation, while neither the former president nor his relatives had been charged in the case.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office had accused the company of operating a tax evasion scheme for more than 15 years, claiming it reached the highest levels of responsibility, against the defense’s argument that its orchestrators acted for their own benefit and not on behalf of the company. .

File image of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021). EFE/JIM LO SCALZO

The jury accepted all charges (17) after a day of deliberation, accepting with certainty a scheme in which everything seemed designed to promote a high standard of living for the executives of the two organizations – luxury cars, tuition in schools expensive and exclusive apartments – without having to pay the corresponding taxes.

One of the star witnesses was Allen Weisselberg, who for years served as the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer and who, after being indicted for his involvement in the plot, agreed with the DA’s office to plead guilty to get a lesser sentence in exchange for taking the stand during the trial.

Weisselberg, as a witness for the prosecutor’s office, confirmed the existence of the tax avoidance scheme and stressed that it benefited both him and the company, but insisted that he had acted in his own interest when requested by the defense.

File image of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021). /EFE/Albin Lohr-Jones

Shortly after the verdict was known, the Trump Organization released a statement blaming the jury’s decision. “Mr. Weisselberg testified under oath that he had ‘betrayed’ the company’s trust in him … The idea that a company could be held accountable for the actions of its employees to benefit themselves of their tax benefits is just plain nonsense,” he said.

For his part, the former president has not yet reacted to the verdict, but a few hours ago he quipped on his Truth Social network that the New York prosecutor’s office, despite the high levels of crime in the city, prefers to “use the most of their time and money in a political witch hunt for DC (the feds) against Trump.”


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