Trump orders boxes of classified documents removed from his home after government orders


former president of the united states Donald Trump Ordered at least one worker to move boxes containing classified documents, released exclusively, at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida home after receiving an official request to return all documents Washington post.

[El FBI registra la mansión de Trump en Florida: “Nunca le ha pasado esto a un presidente de EEUU”]

Testimony from workers and images recorded on security cameras attest to this. The statement was key to the FBI-led investigation and led to their August 8 break into Donald Trump’s residence to seize classified material under a court order from a Florida judge. An unprecedented event in the history of American democracy.

No one at the FBI wanted to make a statement, but U.S. newspapers cited anonymous investigative sources to ensure that images recorded on security cameras showed several people moving the box, said to have classified documents, from side to side, just as A witness has now been proven.

Donald Trump arrived in Florida.

Last August, the FBI reportedly seized about 11,000 official documents, including 103 classified documents, that the former president did not return when he left the White House in January 2021. Eph.

As far as Trump’s spokesman is concerned, Tyler BudovichHe said in a statement that he did not want to comment on any details of the operation, but assured that “the Biden administration has used law enforcement tactics, fabricated false investigations, and desperately tried to retain political power.”

“All other presidents have been given time and respect for document management because the president has the ultimate authority to classify records and what materials should be classified,” he added.

Staff who have testified to the FBI have become key witnesses in the case.Agents reportedly questioned him several times Washington post.

The first time, the man denied that he handled classified material, but he later changed his account and explained how he had been ordered to move several boxes. Other witnesses in the investigation also assured that they tried to convince Trump to return all the documents, but he ignored them: “They are my documents,” he was heard to say.

Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to reject a request from Trump’s legal team for an independent expert to review classified material confiscated from him, according to Efe.

In a briefing to the high court, the U.S. government described the documents found at Trump’s residence as “very vulnerable” and assured that “irreparable damage” would be done if independent experts were allowed to examine them.

Justice Department, in Democratic hands Merrick Garland – Republican senators blocked his Supreme Court nomination in 2016 – even suggesting he would “check national security” even if the justices themselves read the documents.



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