Trump filed the lawsuit to avoid the committee’s Jan. 6 subpoena


Former President Donald Trump is suing the House committee investigating Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol in an attempt to block a a subpoena requiring him to testify.

“Long-standing precedent and practice hold that the separation of powers prohibits Congress from compelling the president to testify before him,” Trump’s lawyer, David A. Warrington, said in a statement announcing Trump’s intentions.

He said the former president “engaged with the committee in good faith in an effort to address these concerns consistent with executive branch prerogatives and the separation of powers,” but said the panel “insists on a political path, so President Trump has no choice but to engage in this dispute between the executive and legislative power, the third branch, judicial.

The committee voted to subpoena Trump at his final hearing before the midterm elections and formally did so last month, demanding testimony from the former president. Committee members say Trump “personally orchestrated” a multi-pronged effort to overturn the 2020 election.

They said Trump must testify, either at the Capitol or via video conference, “beginning on or around” Nov. 14 and continuing for several days if necessary.

The letter also outlined a wide-ranging request for documents, including personal communications between Trump and members of Congress as well as extremist groups.

The lawsuit comes as Trump is expected to launch a third presidential campaign next week.



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