Trudeau’s Cabinet Discussed ‘Smash Freedom Convoy With Tanks’


Read more about the ongoing investigation into Trudeau’s abuse of the Emergency Act (formerly known as the War Measures Act) to “control” the Freedom Convoy, and his use of divisive rhetoric against opponents of his act totalitarian. HERE. The investigation has shown that “at no time” did the Freedom Convoy pose a threat to the security of Canada.

Despite the fact that the Convoy “at no time” posed a threat to Canadians, Trudeau and his cronies were so hostile that his cabinet went so far as to discuss “crushing Freedom Convoy with tanks”. This should scare the crap out of all Canadians, as it leads to the inevitable question: what does Trudeau have in store for those who oppose him next?

Canadians are at grave risk of losing their freedoms under the liberal government of Justin Trudeau. Also read about Trudeau’s disturbing affair with China HERE.

“FIRST READING: Trudeau Cabinet Casually Discussed Smashing Freedom Convoy With Tanks,” National Post, November 24, 2022:

Just days after the Freedom Convoy first set up shop in downtown Ottawa, federal ministers were casually discussing whether to order the demonstration smashed with tanks.

The exchange was revealed in text messages filed prior to the Emergency Law investigation. the feb. On February 2, just five days after anti-mandate protesters set up roadblocks in the national capital, Justice Minister David Lametti texted Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino urging him to call the Canadian Armed Forces.

“You need the police to move. And the CAF if necessary. Too many people are severely affected by what is an occupation,” Lametti wrote in a text message to Mendicino.

“How many tanks are you asking for? I just want to ask (Defense Minister) Anita (Anand) how many we have available”, was the reply.

To which Lametti replied “I think one will do!”

The texts were shown to Lametti during his testimony on Wednesday. The commissioners did not specifically ask the justice minister if he was seriously considering deploying tanks, and Lametti hinted that it was a joke.

“In these types of interactions, I’m interacting with a colleague and a friend, so there will be banter, there will be occasional attempts at bad humor on both sides,” he said.

The use of heavy armor to dislodge a hardline protest would set a precedent never seen before, even in the most violent examples of civil unrest of Canada’s past…


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