Truck explosion sets bridge linking Russia and Crimea on fire


A truck exploded early Saturday morning Fire breaks out on a bridge connecting Crimea and Russia, according to the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) report.The event has caused Seven more fuel tanks catch fire A train bound for the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by the Russians.

“Today at 03.07 GMT, a truck exploded on the car section of the Crimea Bridge on the Taman peninsula side (opposite the Kerch peninsula), setting a train’s seven fuel tanks on fire. Towards Crimea the direction of the peninsula,” the committee said, according to the TASS agency.

The Russian agency also said that “two parts of the car section of the bridge partially collapsed”. The arch above the navigable section was not damaged The cause of the fire has yet to be investigated.Crimea Governor Oleg Kryuchkov said the incident did not cause no death or injury.

A fire broke out on a bridge connecting Russia and Crimea.


Acting Transport Minister Nikolai Lukahsneko said rail and car traffic on the bridge had been suspended and a ferry service across the Kerch Strait had begun, TASS reported.

The Federal Service for Maritime Transport and Inland Waters (Rosmorrechflot) has assured that navigation in the strait is not currently interrupted.

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President of Russia, Vladimir PutinAccording to Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov, a government committee has been ordered to find out the cause of the explosion.

The Crimean Governor’s adviser in turn warned that it was circulating “Lots of false enemy information” Regarding the incident, he only asked to focus on “official information”.

The Kerch Bridge is one of the key parts of the Kremlin government, so “it must be destroyed”. That’s how President Zelensky’s adviser tweeted when he heard about the fire.

All illegal items must be destroyed and all stolen items must be returned to Ukraineeverything occupied by Russia must be expelled,” Mikhailo Podoljak wrote. Despite his message, Podoljak did not make it clear and did not want to claim that the explosion was caused by a Ukrainian attack.

red line

For the Kremlin, an attack on the Crimean bridge would be a red line, not allowing it to go unanswered.Russian President inaugurated in 2018 Car section on the Crimea bridge Kerch Straitthe longest in Europe at 19 kilometers, to break the isolation of the peninsula.

At the end of 2019, the railway section crossing the bridge was also opened. Condemned by Ukraine and the Westcontinue to consider the peninsular part of the Ukrainian territory.

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ukraine forward

Although over the past twenty-four hours Ukrainian forces appear to have moderated their advance in the east and south to regroup and prepare for a new counteroffensive, The situation for the invading army remains grim.

President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyguaranteed this Friday in the final offensive They have liberated 2434 square kilometers of territory Invaded by Russia since February, and 96 places.

Ukrainian soldiers dismantle a captured Russian armored vehicle near the city of Izium in the Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian soldiers dismantle a captured Russian armored vehicle near the city of Izium in the Kharkiv region.

Vladislav Musyenko


“and also Good results in southern Ukraine this week: Every day we are liberating our land and our people from the bogus referendum,” he added.

Ukrainian army did not expect Reserve Mobilized by the Russian President at the end of September, Vladimir Putinto the battlefield”within two to three months“. This was stated by the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksi Reznikovon one of the government channels on Telegram.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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