Tribute to Mary of Liechtenstein at Maria Astrid’s wedding

This autumn is an uninterrupted wedding. This Saturday, María Astrid and Ralph Wothington from Liechtenstein said at a meeting in Orbetello Cathedral in Tuscany, Italy “Yes, I want it”. Other members of the royal family also participated in the celebration, such as Luxembourg’s hereditary Grand Duke Guillermo and Stephanie or Sassa de Osma and Christian de Hanover.

Maria Astrid and Ralph Worthington from Liechtenstein said “Yes, I want it” at a meeting in Orbetello Cathedral. /Gtres

Before the ceremony, according to tradition, the groom appeared in a dressing gown, beige vest and green tie. Very smiling and excited, because this is one of the most important days in his life. Then the bride puts it on her father’s arm, Nicolas from LiechtensteinA few weeks ago, after he married Emanuele Musini, he brought his daughter Anunciata to the altar and became godfather again.

On this special day, Princess Astrid wore a white dress with a very primitive neckline, because it had a “V” shape on the front and back. However, the most striking thing is the long tail of the design, where a large zigzag embroidery is darker than the other designs. In fact, some guests had to help Luxembourg Margaret’s young daughter so that she could enter the religious temple without any problems.

The back of the princess dress design. She chose a long line and had to get some help from guests to enter the church smoothly. /Gtres

As for the accessories she chose, Astrid wanted to have a friendly gesture with her late great aunt, Princess Mary of Liechtenstein, who died of a stroke a few weeks ago at the age of 81.The bride chose Kings Fund Silver Flower Headwear, One of the most important royal families in Liechtenstein. One piece is made of diamonds with gold and silver details. Princess Tatiana and Princess Angela, the daughters of the current monarch, also wore this jeweled crown at their wedding to Prince Maximilian.

Princess Maria Astrid chose the headdress belonging to the late Princess Mary of Liechtenstein. There is no doubt that this is one of the most important jewels of the Lechtenstein royal family. /Gtres

As soon as the mass was over, they became husband and wife, the newlyweds—they drove a red convertible and left happily High quality-Like other guests, they left the temple to continue their evening activities.

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