Trey Hendrickson: Bengals DE Net Worth


llast year, Bengals DE Trey Henderson agreed to a franchise for 4 years and 60 million dollars. And honestly it was worth every penny for Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati threw the dice last offseason with Hendrickson. The team decided not to re-sign their free agent Carl Lawson, a player already established in the club circuit. Instead, they chose Hendrickson, the player who had the only positive season with the team. New Orleans Saints. where he previously spent several years as a substitute.

The move worked. Earl Hendrickson is among the best defenders of the season, along with DeVondre Campbell and Denico Autry, among others. Anyone who remembers what happened at the last Super Bowl knows that pressure on Patrick Mahomes was the key to victory. This weighs heavily on Hendrickson’s shoulders on Sunday.

Trey Hendrickson Net Worth and Salary

In 2021, Trey Hendrickson signed a 4-year, $60 million contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, including a $10 million signing bonus, $16 million guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $15 million. In 2022, Hendrickson will receive a base salary of $5,800,000 and a line-up bonus of $6,188,235, with a maximum cap of $14,488,235 and a cost cap of $7,500,000.

In accordance with Pro Football Networkin an interview about coming on board the Bengals, Hendrickson said, “On the one hand, top to bottom, it’s a family organization. They have been a very hardworking organization throughout history, which I can say means a lot. There are a lot of things, like a very talented defense that was just a couple steps away, and when you have a guy like Joe Burrow playing quarterback, it’s exciting. but I was very happy to be a Bengali from Cincinnati.”

Now he’s on the list for this year. Super Bowl LVIwhich will take place next Sunday, February 13th at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.


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