Travis Scott sued for organizing a Houston concert resulting in 8 deaths


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One of the wounded Rapper’s concert Travis Scott Last weekend in Houston (Texas), where An avalanche killed eight people, Has sued the organizers of the event, and dozens of people were injured.

According to a report by the chain on Monday, the plaintiff, Manuel Sousa, “was seriously injured when the uncontrolled crowd pushed him to the ground and trampled him at the concert.” CNN.

The lawsuit is against rapper and producer Travis ScottAccording to U.S. Internet reports, as the organizer of Astroworld Festival, as well as entertainment company Live Nation, concert promoter Scoremore and other people participating in the event.

A photo shared by Travis Scott on Instagram.


According to the complaint, “the defendant neither planned nor performed the concert in a safe manner.”

“On the contrary, they deliberately ignored the extreme risk of harm to concert audiences, and in some cases actively encouraged and encouraged dangerous behavior. Their negligence caused serious harm to the plaintiff,” the complaint added, which Demand one million dollars in compensation.

The Houston authorities are investigating the exact cause of the avalanche.

One of the assumptions they are considering is Someone will start injecting drugs into other viewers, This theory has been circulating on social networks, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner (Troy Finner) mentioned this theory in a press conference last Saturday.

Fenner said he received information about a security guard trying to immobilize someone and “stabbing” in the neck during the concert.

The local authorities did not provide more details, but at the insistence of the reporter, Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña explained The medical staff at the concert had to inject “multiple” doses of naloxone (For acute opioid poisoning), but no exact figures are given.

At around 9:15 p.m. local time (3:15 a.m. Spanish Peninsula time), panic broke out and the crowd began to advance toward the stage. Fighting broke out among the people present, and some people lost consciousness.

As a result, in addition to eight people who died, 25 people were hospitalizedAccording to the latest data provided by Penha this Saturday, 13 of them are still receiving medical care, and 5 of them are under 18 years old.


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