Trauma Report Kansas City and Washington Executives: How to Find Balance Without Edwards-Heler?

Jonly when Kansas City Executives finally their ground play began, they had to watch the sideline anxiously on Sunday night as Tyric Hill helped the run back Clyde Edwards-Helair out of the box with knee injury.

It turned out to be a dislocated knee ligament that had landed. Edwards-Heler about the wounded backup list 48 hours later.

Now the trick is for Bosses is not to fall back on a casual approach that has sometimes stagnated their attack. They are at their best when they can start their ground game, and it will be before Darrell Williams and Jeric McKinnon to provide a much-needed balance when they head to Washington on Sunday.

“We have great players. We also played (Derrick) Gore – he was productive in the preseason, ”Chiefs said. trainer Andy Reid said. “We trust two other guys, especially Darrell. How many years has he been working productively? “

The answer is four, including 39 games in chief’s uniform… But the former undrafted free agent from LSU still hasn’t had the opportunity to start a career in the NFL, and Williams knows this is an important opportunity for him in several ways.

He wants to prove to all skeptics that he can do it. And he wants to help Kansas City after losing three of the last four games, get back on track and take the last place in the standings. AFC West, a division dominated by chiefs for years.

“I’ve worked my whole life to become a starting player in the league. I finally got this chance, finally got this opportunity, and I just need to make the most of it. ” Williams said. “Come here every day wanting to work and contribute to the work.”

Edwards-Heler left some large spikes for filling. He came back back to back 100 yards ractive games and scored in the air in each of the previous two games before injuring a knee against the Bills. But the reality is that Williams was unable even before Edwards-Heler came along, averaging about 4 yards to carry over his career.

This included work in Super Bowl in February, when Edwards-Heler was dealing with a high ankle sprain.

The first official announcement of injuries by chiefs

** Practice status

DNP – Did not participate in the practice

LP – Limited participation in practice

FP – Full Participation

(-) – Not on the list

Patrick Mahomes and the importance of offensive balance

He has hit the ball 29 times for 99 yards this season and landed twice. And while McKinnon is known for his dexterity off the pitch, Williams has seven catches on 45 yards in handicap.

Talking about McKinnon, he will also have a better chance after signing a contract with the Executives at a free agency. McKinnon started 18 games in Minnesota and four in San Francisco, and he played 79 games in six seasons in the league.

“They’ve done it before.” defender Patrick Mahomes said. “Darrell has moved up big positions throughout his career here, filling him in and working hard. Jeric was a guy who played in all sorts of places, and I believe he’s going to play here too. “

It would be nice if one of them was the Chiefs’ top rusher this weekend. Mahomes had that dubious difference from the Bills when he was thrown out of his pocket so much that he ended up with a 61 yard jerk.

The importance of offensive balance can be boiled down to two very different games this season. Against the Ravens, the Chiefs threw 343 yards and ran 67 in 36-35 shootouts. Against the eaglesWhen the Chiefs scored 271 and ran for 200, they set the season record in a 42-30 defeat in Philadelphia.

“For us, we try to score every time we touch a soccer ball,” Mahomes said. “This is how my whole career went. This was a precedent set before I came here. When we have the opportunity to succeed and be successful, we must capitalize on it. ”

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