Transsexuals and top sport: “I had to talk to athletes and listen to them cry”


Last Wednesday CGPJ He released his critical report on the so-called “trans law”, which Equality Minister Irene Montero said needs to be processed “urgently” so that “it reaches Congress during this period of sessions.”

The governing council of judges, chaired by Carlos Lesmes, questioned the main points of the bill: it recommends (report is not mandatory) that the age at which a person can independently change their sex in the register be raised to 18 years. (Montero put him at 12) or claims he can generate discrimination against women not transgender.

“the undesirable effect of creating situations of positive discrimination and therefore generally indirect discrimination against those people who are not provided for in its subjective scope, especially significant in relation to non-transgender women.”

Something that is already happening in elite or competitive sports.

We interviewed Libertad Digital Irene Aguiarsports law lawyer to talk about the great controversy caused by the inclusion of female athletes in women’s categories around the world. trance who a few years ago competed in the men’s. “Those of us who work in sports don’t really understand this, because in sports who they compete bodies not feelings“, tells us.

The most famous case with an American swimmer. Leah Thomas who, before the transition, held almost 500th position in the ranking and broke all records, competing with women.

Aguiar gives us all the clues on this, we talk about the famous testosterone levels, we look at the current regulatory chaos and current legislation in Spain. Exitesn 10 laws trance vegetative, and some even claim that

Determining a person’s sex goes far beyond the visual assessment of their external genitalia at the time of birth.

In addition, the lawyer denounces the pressure some athletes are under for complaining about what they see as a gross injustice: competing with a biological male. A few weeks ago, Twitter closed the account of another swimmer, a Hungarian from the University of Virginia. Technician Reka Györgywho condemned what happened to Thomas: “Biological man took my position. Until we stand up and stop competing, nothing will change. Thank you for your support, I will not stop fighting,” he wrote.

This is not the first victim of iron cancel culture that they carry out certain lobby trance. Irene Aguiar tells us: “This is what makes things even worse. I talk to athletes about this and they are very concerned. They are forced to remain silent in the face of this, and it is very painful. talk to the athletes and hear them cry.


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