Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Trailer Reveals Characters First Appearance


After years of feeling paramount hovering over the good looks of its live-action Transformers movies, the first teaser trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is here to tell everyone that Beast Wars has always been a more important part of the larger Transformers franchise. .

Transformers: Rise of the Monsters Teaser Trailer Breakdown

With a snapshot of a giant mechanical gorilla rushing onto the stage and slamming his chest like King Kong, the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer doesn’t pack a punch and quickly gets audiences into action.

This is an exciting moment for viewers of the sprawling Transformers world, as it portrays Optimus Primal, the leader of the Maximals, in all his might.

While not proven by the trailer, the Maximals are believed to be from the future, and Primal, voiced by Ron Perlman, tells Optimus Prime about an imminent threat “from both your past and future.”

Voiced by best-known voice actor Peter Cullen, Prime is narrated in a new design to fit the Bumblebee continuity. Its style harks back to the original ’80s show, with its angular body and distinctive front face thrown back.

Prime’s vehicle shape also reflects his return to classic form as he crosses a bridge in antique flat-nosed truck form stylized with bright reds, blues and silvers.

Noah and Mirage are also introduced in the trailer. Continuing the legacy of Sam Witwicky, Noah is seen in frenzied chaos when his car adorned with the classic Autobot logo takes control and forces him to flee the police.

Mirage will be voiced by his new car and a friend, Pete Davidson, and he uses this opportunity to demonstrate the reason for his name by making multiple fake holograms to let his pursuers escape.

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Maximize the max

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In a series of dramatic action sequences, the teaser reveals the expanded list of robots in disguise:

Bumblebee is shown in an off-roader mode compared to previous forms. Along comes the next Maximal we meet: Cheetor.

Maximals and Terrorcons appear in quick succession.
Here’s a quick look at Michelle Yeoh’s flying Airazor.

Maximal showcases its powerful flamethrower alongside its dynamic hawk mod. Arcee, the most recognizable female Autobot, follows the hawk. Its design, like that of Prime, was inspired by its appearance from the original television series but has been modified to give it a more modern feel. Considering the excess male Transformers in the series, the addition of Arcee is an important step forward for the series.

Although there are no Decepticons in this teaser, there are plenty of villains, including our first look at the Terrorcons. First, we see Battletrap running towards Autobots & Maximals in orange armored truck mod and robot form.

Sobolov plays the two characters who voice both Battletrap and Rhinox in the movie. Scourge, the unknown commander of the Terrorcons, makes a spectacular entrance in the fight, completely dominating Bumblebee.

The fighting is brutal and Bee appears in grave danger, showing the enormous threat the Terrorcons pose to our heroes. Peter Dinklage will provide the voice of the Terrorcon leader.

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Transformers: Rise of the Monsters

The Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer concludes with a touching scene that centers on Elena, one of the movie’s other human characters.

Dominique Fishback plays this character, who, in typical Transformers fashion, seems completely uninterested in the idea of ​​a changing robot/motorcycle.

We reconnected with Noah and Mirage at the end of the trailer. The first bravely exits the car, while the second quickly transforms into robot form around him, and the two seem to have developed greater connection and synergy.


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