Transfer: Will score 20 goals, right decision – Gary Neville suggests Ron


Manchester United legend Gary Neville has said striker Cristiano Ronaldo will seek to join a top European Champions League club after his contract with the Red Devils was terminated by mutual consent.

According to Neville, Ronaldo will sign a five-month contract with the best European club before potentially considering more lucrative offers from the Middle East or the United States.

The former defender added that the Portugal captain would score 20 goals for the club before the end of the current season, adding that he and Man United made the right decision to part ways.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo will be looking for a top-tier club on a four or five-month contract where he can come in and make a brilliant cameo appearance in Europe’s elite football,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“That’s what I think would be his priority: stay in the Champions League, stay on top and show that what happened at Manchester United was not right.

“I think he has a great four or five months somewhere where he will go in and score 15 or 20 goals in that period. Everyone in Manchester will say “why didn’t we keep it?” and the people of the Premier League will too.

“But he has that in him and I would say that would be his priority. I think he will get to the end of the season and then he will think about the next two years and what his last football project could be like. Is he in the US? Are you in the Middle East? Is it somewhere else in Europe where he hasn’t played before?

“I hope he does very well wherever he goes. In the end it didn’t work out in Manchester, but it was the right thing for the club to break the ties and the right thing for Cristiano.


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