Training footage of Leon Edwards shows he prepared a knockout header against Usman


Leon Edwards is a typical inspirational story of a fighter who stepped out of the trenches and finally got a chance to touch the sky. Last Saturday, against all odds, he became UFC Welterweight Champion after defeating Kamaru Usman in a dramatic manner. Usman dominated the first four rounds as well as the first four minutes of the fifth round.

But the UFC is perhaps the most unpredictable sport in the world, anything can happen during a fight, even at the last second. In fact, Edwards almost suffered the same fate when he fought Nate Diaz in June 2021. He dominated throughout the fight, but Diaz cut him off with a headshot that nearly knocked him down. However, this blow to the head did not come as a surprise to Leon and his team. In fact, there are shots that prove the opposite.

Leon Edwards prepares a header for Usman

In some behind-the-scenes footage from Leon Edwards’ camp, his trainers prepare him for the moment Kamaru Usman turns to the right and reveals his face completely. They prepared for the moment that finally arrived with only one minute left on the clock. Had that shot missed the mark, Usman would undoubtedly have retained his belt, and Leon Edwards would not have gone down in history as he did.

Watching that beat over and over again is like watching poetry in motion. All those hours spent preparing for this moment in time paid off in a punch that even Leon Edwards couldn’t comprehend at that moment. It took him a few seconds to realize what he had done, welterweight history.

Will Leon Edwards take revenge immediately?

According to what Dana White said right after the event, the UFC is booked until January 2023. While Kamar Usman does need a few months to recover from this blow, there is no chance the two will meet again in the octagon in 2022. However, both of them expressed their desire to jump on him as soon as possible.


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