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Madrid, November 23 (EFE) Citizens accuse Pedro Sánchez of giving in to the “heirs of ETA” and of “punishing the Civil Guard”.

The pact was announced by EH Bildu on Tuesday, but criticism from right-wing groups mounted on Wednesday in Congress, where debate continues ahead of the approval of the 2023 general state budget.

For the spokesman of the PP in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, the transfer of the competence of Traffic to Navarre will concretely mean the departure of the Civil Guard and the agreement with “the heirs of ETA what ETA demanded by terrorism “.

“It was the PSOE that delivered to Bildu what many people gave their lives for and what the rule of law has never stopped fighting for,” he denounced in statements to media.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, again defended the pact during a press conference in Castellón after the holding of the first Hispano-Romanian summit, stressing that “developing the powers of the autonomies is in accordance with the Constitution”. .

“This is what the government does: respect and develop the statutes of autonomy,” he said.

Cross-reproaches on this subject were present throughout the day, particularly in Congress, both in the corridors and inside the hemicycle, where the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, denounced “the demagoguery and the lies” of the right for his accusations against the government.

“When it comes to saying that the Civil Guard of Navarre has been expelled, it is false,” Bolaños insisted, assuring that no one can give lessons to the PSOE in the fight for freedoms and against terrorism in the country. ‘ETA.

The minister thus responded to the former UPN deputy and now a member of the mixed group Carlos García Adanero, who took advantage of his intervention to criticize this pact, while the PP and Vox parliamentarians applauded his standing remarks.

“It’s outrageous. Nothing can be agreed with Bildu, but something that has to do with the Civil Guard is an insult to the Civil Guard and to all Spaniards,” he said.

The Socialists tried to dismantle these arguments also in the mouth of their spokesperson in Congress, Patxi López, who defended that the government is limited to complying with the Constitution with this transfer of powers and stressed that it was the PP of José María Aznar who initiated the process.

“They initiated the commitment and the process”, insisted the Basque deputy, who recalled that the competences in terms of traffic were already assumed by the Basque Country “many years ago and nothing was broken” , and affirms that the only thing that breaks is “the speech of the PP”.

All the governments that have existed in Navarre, since President Miguel Sanz (UPN) agreed with Minister Mariano Rajoy (PP) to open negotiations in 1998, have tried to make the foral community assume responsibility for the traffic, which the current government of Pedro Sánchez has set a date, before March 31, 2023.

Criticism continued in Congress also from Vox spokesman Iván Espinosa, who warned of the seriousness of the government’s concessions to EH Bildu to gain their support for the budgets and missed the reaction of “some “socialists in the face of “such ignominy”.

“It seems to us a serious moment for democracy,” he said.

Ciudadanos also attacked the agreement signed between the government and EH Bildu to transfer traffic powers to Navarre, which will pass from the Civil Guard to the Foral Police, and stressed that “with this, what they are doing, c is to punish the Civil Guards…to those who do not provide a solution”.

“He gets back on his knees, gives in to blackmail,” lamented Ciudadanos’ parliamentary spokesman, Edmundo Bal.

And beyond the Congress, the president of the UPN and spokesman for Navarre Suma, Javier Esparza, considered that the PSOE “transferred everything” by giving EH Bildu “the victory” in the transfer of powers from Trafic in Navarre, which he considers “unnecessary”. “.


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