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Instagram Has Removed The “Following” Tab – How Do I Track Others’ Activities Now?

Instagram had a long-standing feature the “Following” tab which helped users find out what their friends are doing on Instagram. These activities included liking images or commenting on images and posts and so on.

This feature helped a lot of people to track Instagram account of any person that they followed, and wanted to keep a close watch on. People were using this feature to watch on their partners and understand if they are trying to cheat or not. Parents were using this feature to keep a watch over their children regarding who and what they are interacting with. Even this feature has been helping businesses and brands to understand what their customers and prospective customers are looking for.

However, recently the feature has been removed by Instagram sending many of us into puzzlement about how to track others’ activities on this platform.

But the good news is that it is no longer difficult to find ways to get this done!

One of the most effective solutions has been provided by Instagram tracking apps. These are very easy to use and they fetch you every little detail about others’ activities. This includes what posts and images they like, what they are commenting upon, and so on. The best thing about tracker apps is that you can remain completely anonymous and the person being monitored will never know that someone is following their activities on Instagram.

What if you don’t have an Instagram account?

Many of us who do not have an Instagram profile might want to find out more about someone’s activities on Instagram.

Can they use tracker apps?

Well, yes, people who don’t have an Instagram account can also use some of the Insta tracker apps and follow anyone. They are available online are undoubtedly the easiest way to make up for the gone “Following” feature on Instagram.

However, you might have to pay a nominal subscription fee to unlock all the benefits. But, given the diversity of details and depth of reporting, the price will never seem steep for those who want access to this feature.


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