Tour de France: Spectacular crash involving 40 cyclists (VIDEO)


TI have Tour de France is the most important cycling competition in the world, but it also attracts a large number of riders and fans who ride on narrow and winding roads. This is undoubtedly a great risk for participants who, when falling, take other athletes passing by with them.

Something similar happened this Thursday when there was a mass accident involving 40 cyclists fell during the fifth stage of the women’s competition.

How did the accident happen?

Images of the accident were posted on social media as a small group walked together on a straight road, there were no people around, and in the next frame there was chaos on the pavement, about 40 cyclists fell.

Unfortunately the Danish rider Emma Norsgaard had to withdraw from the race due to a left shoulder injury, the most serious injury of the incident.

According to the French portal L’equip none of the cyclists involved were able to determine the cause of the accident:

“We see things like this in big races like Paris-Roubaix or Flanders tour. It’s ironic because today’s crash happened when it was a pretty good time. It was the first time we had been driving a little calmly since we left Paris. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the level is slightly inhomogeneous. We are not all used to these World Tour races (Division 1), everyone has their own style of riding,” explained racer Marie Le Net.

Tour de France stage 5 winner

dutch rider Lorraine Vibes won the final sprint at Saint-Di-des-Vouges, taking her second victory after winning the first stage in Paris on Sunday. While the Italian world champion Eliza Balm (2nd) and Dutch racer Marianne Vos (3rd) retained the yellow jersey with a 20-second lead over Italy’s Silvia Persico.

Vibes has already won 17 wins this season and in her still short career – she is 23 years old – she has already won 53 times: “The goal is to get the green jersey,” she explained.

The sixth stage will take place this Friday. This will 129 km route ending in Rossheimahead of a weekend in the mountains of eastern France.


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