Tortured Russian prisoners: Video confirmed by Le Monde suggests a battalion of Ukrainian volunteers

Three unarmed prisoners, three shots. The three fell to the ground.A video, aired on March 27, 2022 world Ability to verify and cross-check with other images documenting possible extortion of Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian volunteers.

Such conduct is strictly prohibited by the Geneva Convention, which lays down the rules that captured enemy soldiers should be respected: protect them as you would your own, do not violate them, treat them when necessary.

Image found by independent analysts Erich Auerbachand through world According to other documents available online, volunteers from the Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna camp were at the scene when the Russian prisoners were tortured. While it’s impossible to say with certainty that the shooters came directly from their ranks, the group’s leader, Andri Ianholenko, clearly appeared next to the three victims before the shots were fired.solicitor worldAndriy Jankhorenko did not respond.


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