Torres hopes seat choice for space and AI agencies was ‘objective’ – EFE News


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (EFE).- The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, regretted that the Canary Islands were not chosen as the headquarters of the Space Agency and Artificial Intelligence and is convinced that the criteria were “absolutely objective and incontrovertible”.

Questioned by the media, the Canarian president admitted that “it was not easy, we had said so”.

As detailed, there were 21 candidate cities to host the Space Agency and 14 in the case of artificial intelligence.

The Council of Ministers has decided that the headquarters of the Space Agency will be in Seville and that of the Artificial Intelligence Supervision Agency in La Coruña.

He stressed that “the work has been done” and “the Canary Islands have been there”, both Tenerife and Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and argued that he would continue to “defend that the archipelago moves forward positively”.

He also pointed out that the Canary Islands already have a volcanological center and that they will continue to work for the European Tourism Agency, pointing out that Gran Canaria will host the OECD summit next week, which “is the only summit in Europe, it will be in Spain and it will be in the Canary Islands”.

“The Canary Islands will continue to seek support in all possible applications because I believe that the Canary Islands that are needed are the Canary Islands that look positively to the future and that walk with their heads held high to meet the challenges,” he said. -he declares.

If there are other nominations, Torres said, “you have to be athletic” but “that won’t take anything away from continuing to walk with the achievements made and those that are going to be made.”


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