Top Weight Loss Apps for the Health-Conscious Millennial

Top Weight Loss Apps for the Health-Conscious Millennial

As a tech-savvy and health-conscious generation, Millennials are always looking for different ways to lose excess weight. While fitness trends are constantly changing in the world, innovations and high-tech developments have further taken place in the competitive landscape of the health category.


The fact remains that the traditional methods of advertising need an upgrade, hence that gives a lot of space for the creators of such apps and related tools to facilitate their target audience in different ways. Health and fitness brands are now able to identify the different obstructions and triggers that exist for their target market when choosing an app to remain active and healthy.


While most apps do not require the consumer to connect the app to an internet connection. A steady internet connection will ensure that the app provides the user with swift results.


Use a Reliable and Speedy Internet Service Provider for Optimal Connectivity

Millennials being a tech-savvy population, enjoy being a part of a smooth digital lifestyle. That’s why constantly adjusting their internet device is a big disappointment. Millennials do not want to constantly retune with their internet device! We recommend that one should always upgrade their current internet bundle or upgrade their internet service provider that they are using at present.


Our recommendation: Grande Internet.


This is one of the fastest-growing internet service providers in the region. Being a premium internet service that offers uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage from Google Wi-Fi router, this is mesh technology at its finest. Furthermore, this ISP also allows parental control of your Wi-Fi connection via the Google Wi-Fi app while automatically sending strong signals to your devices. What’s more, is that it also eliminates dead zones while the internet speed, includes amazing upload speeds.


In addition to this, the low prices of the internet bundles are another reason why more and more young people are switching over to this service provider. Furthermore, this internet service offers high-speed internet security while further protecting your smart apps and personal devices from cyber risks that can make your system, open and highly vulnerable to cyber risks.


Top Weight Loss Apps for the Health-Conscious Millennial

We rounded some of the best weight loss apps that will help you create a specific and focused plan, helping you speedily lose those extra kilos!


If You Are Looking for a Complete Package – Lifesum

This is a fantastic app that comes with in-app purchases and has received a google play rating of 4.5. The user can simply add in the diet plan that they are currently following i.e. keto, paleo, fasting, or high-protein, and enter info that will help the app to facilitate the user with achieving their goal of losing weight.


Lifesum has been the recipient of the highest usability score and for good reason too! One of the most used options is their 3-week weight loss program, which comes with a ready-made meal plan and food items’ shopping list, that begin at $3.75/monthly, making it easier for the user to accomplish their weight loss goals within no time! Download this app now!


If You Are Looking for an App That Includes Weight Loss as Well – Lose Weight in 30 Days  

This app received a Google Play rating of 4.8. Being a subscription-based program, it’s free to download. However, users have to pay at least $10/month or approximately $6/year. While the app offers a 30-day workout plan, the user can also choose from several meal plans to facilitate their workout and speed up their metabolism. The user is also given instructions for each workout. These workouts are based on a daily and weekly basis and can easily be synchronized with Apple Health and Google Fit. Download this app now!


If You Are Looking for an App That’s Inclined Towards Men’s Fitness – Strides: Habit Tracker

This app is designed, keep health and fitness specifications for men in mind. It is also a top favorite amongst iOS users since it connects them with a diverse set of fitness features that they can use to keep themselves in shape. While this app can be downloaded free, but if a user wants to use advanced features, then they have to purchase the premium features in the app.


Since it’s only available on iOS, the app allows the user to track their weight and their daily fitness habits, especially those that may factor towards weight gain. This may include a daily sleep cycle, weekly/monthly exercise routine, hydration levels during the entire day, consumption of junk food per week, etc.


These are some areas that the user may want to change, adjust, or improve for truly leading an active lifestyle. The best part of using this app is that the free version allows you to daily work on seven different habits. Additionally, the user may also maintain a chart of their fitness progress through bar graphs and calendars so it becomes easier to check progress, both on a daily and weekly basis. The app also helps you to form habits that would make “the perfect day”


If You Are Looking for an App That’s Inclined Towards Women’s Fitness – Sweat

This app is inclined specifically towards women’s fitness. Even though there are numerous fitness-based plans within the app, this comes with diverse meal plan options that are supposed to support your weight loss goals so that you may adeptly achieve your target.


In addition to this, the structure of these workouts is designed in such a way that women from all levels, beginners, middle, and advanced, can easily follow the lead while ensuring that the challenges always keep them motivated and interested. This app received a rating: 4.6 in Google Play and is considered a favorite among users.


Although this app can be downloaded for free this is a subscription-based program, so premium features need to be purchased if the user is interested in using them.


The Bottom Line…

The era we live in today may have surpassed technological expectations, yet all these are absolute of no use if essentials such as our physical and mental health are deteriorating at a fast speed. That’s a major reason why such mobile apps have become popular among the young generation as they remind busy users, who have no time to spare for themselves.


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