Top tips for walking the dog in winter


As winter is about to begin, it is essential that you know a series of practical tips for walking your dog at this time of year.. While it is true that their fur protects them from the cold, puppies and seniors, as well as short-haired breeds, are particularly vulnerable to low temperatures.

Hypothermia, just as it occurs in humans, is a very dangerous disease, which can seriously endanger the dog’s life. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to protect your pet from the cold in winter. Here we tell you everything you need to keep in mind.

How to walk your dog in winter?

One of the first questions you ask yourself is surely whether you have to put a coat on the animal. Well, it basically depends on their fur, age, and health condition. There are long-haired dogs that resist the cold very well and do not need a coat, such as the Newfoundland, the Siberian Husky or the Chow Chow.

For have a full grip and avoid slipping, put a front harness on it, especially if the dog is a large breed. As for the leash, it is important that it be solid in order to have absolute control over the animal. Avoid retractable leashes during the winter months.

If you have just bathed him, it is very important that be completely dry before going out. Of course, if you’re going to put a diaper on it, it should also be dry and clean. Going out in a cold environment with wet fur exposes dogs to almost certain hypothermia, even if they resist low temperatures well.

The paws and ears are the areas most vulnerable to possible frostbite., that’s why you have to protect them. Dog boots are available, but they are uncomfortable, so it’s best to trim excess hair on the pads and around the ears to prevent snow and debris buildup.

As it concerns travel timeIt should be a maximum of 25 minutes, especially if the dog is a puppy. Enjoy the time to exercise and play with your pet. You can walk two or three times a day.

When you come home, for remove snow and dirt stuck between the animal’s pawsyou have to clean the dog well.


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