Top Gun: Maverick hits streaming in December, here’s when and how to watch


After a long and successful run in theaters, Tom Cruise’s action film Top Gun: Maverick will be available to stream at home on December 22. The film will stream on Paramount+ beginning on that date.

Paramount+ posted a video on social media to promote the film’s streaming release; Check out below. Maverick is already available to watch at home, having been available to buy and rent earlier this year, but December marks the first time it’s coming to a streaming service.

Before Maverick’s release over Memorial Day weekend in May, Cruise said there was no chance the movie would make it to a streaming service for its debut. The movie was delayed multiple times due to the pandemic, with some thinking that the Paramount movie studio would make a deal with a streaming service to get the movie out sooner. However, that never happened, thanks in part to Cruise’s insistence that the film be released under the traditional theatrical model.

Cruise, a longtime supporter of the theatrical model, told an audience in May: “I make movies for the big screen.”

Maverick is the highest grossing movie in the world in 2022, contributing $1.486 billion, which is way ahead of the number 2 movie of the year, which is Jurassic World: Dominion ($1.001 billion). Thanks to the great success of Maverick in theaters, Cruise is said to have made $100 million from the film.

You can subscribe to Paramount+ right now in a black friday special discount that gets you a 50% discount on an annual membership.

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