Tony Leblanc, the most popular lifter at the Prado Museum

Although the fact that Tony LeBlanc born in the halls of the Prado Museum dedicated to Goya belongs to popular imagination and not reality, what is true is that he was the son of Ignacio Fernandez Blanc, concierge National Prado Museum from 1943 to 1953 and until his release, he lived in a house for the staff of an institution with special responsibility, attached to the Villanueva building.

He worked as an elevator operator. His special relationship with the museum is reflected in poor Garciaa 1961 film in which Tony Leblanc, the director and screenwriter of the film, plays a young man who earns his living in a variety of jobs, including a tour guide at the Prado Museum.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Spanish Film Library in the project “audiovisual memory”“, this film is the starting point for a video tribute that the Prado National Museum dedicates to the most popular of its inhabitants, and whose memory is the protagonist of some of the “first-person” stories of workers and employees in “Voices of the Prado”.


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