Tonight all hell will break loose in France


On Wednesday December 14, Morocco will face France in the semifinals of the World Cup. Whether Morocco wins or loses, the danger to public order from savage Arab mobs in France will be great. If Morocco wins, not just Moroccans, but Arabs of all stripes will be deliriously celebrating by blowing their horns continuously into the night, setting off firecrackers, hitting garbage cans and rolling them down empty streets, and making sure that everyone, especially the indigenous French, you will be “participating” in the celebration forcing them to stay awake and listen.

But if Morocco loses to France, the anger will be felt in every city and town as disappointed and angry Arabs will come out to take revenge on the country whose soccer team has just wrested final victory from the Moroccans, champions of the Arabs. There will be honking, but not in celebration. There will be a lot of vandalism, especially of cars, including police vans, with hundreds set on fire. There will be fires in the garbage cans. Firecrackers will be set off. Shop windows will be smashed and break and grab gangs will help themselves with everything in the window. In some cases, stores will be raided and more goods will be taken. Any cafe tables and chairs left outside will be thrown away, as crazed Muslims vent their fury at the loss. Some shop owners, I heard today from a friend in France, are even now boarding up their windows, preparing for the human hurricane.

You can find more about this bleak outlook here: “Morocco’s World Cup victory sparks fresh unrest as fears mount over the upcoming France-France showdown. Morocco Party”, by John Cody, ReMix News, December 12, 2022:

From Brussels to Paris, people took to the streets after Morocco’s victory over Portugal in the World Cup, but perhaps the largest gathering featured 20,000 people on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, and the celebrations eventually turned into battles. streets with the police.

In videos viewed by hundreds of thousands on social media, crowds of revelers are seen throwing bricks and bottles and firing mortar fireworks at police, who were forced to don riot gear and attack the crowd to restore order. In the videos, police beat protesters with batons and fired tear gas.

Crowds quickly turned into rioters on the Champs-Élysées, attacking police with bricks, bottles and pyrotechnic mortars. The police had to don riot gear to attack this mob of maddened Arabs, using tear gas and batons to subdue them. This violence received little coverage outside of France, and the international media preferred to paint a picture of crowds of Arabs happily and peacefully celebrating Morocco’s victory. The throwing of bricks and bottles by revelers who had turned rioters, the tear gas and batons the police needed to subdue them, none of it was mentioned.

the parisian reports that more than 1,000 police officers were mobilized on the streets of the French capital and several main roads leading to Paris were closed overnight to avoid traffic jams.

Morocco visits Portugal in the World Cup on Saturday [won] 1-0 to reach the World Cup semi-finals, and France beat England in the evening game, meaning France and Morocco will now meet in the next World Cup. Scenes of violence in the capital for a match that did not even involve France playing Morocco are raising fears that the upcoming match could lead to an explosive security situation.

In other French cities such as Lille, the police were also attacked by Moroccan fans, who threw garbage cans against the police lines and fired projectiles. Police responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

In Avignon, a video of Moroccan fans looting a truck was uploaded to social media. It is unclear if any arrests were made in connection with the incident.

In Roubaix, Moroccan fans jumped on top of a police vehicle and danced on its roof as officers tried to drive through the crowd.

Critics of mass immigration have pointed to the ongoing riots that now occur every time Morocco wins a World Cup match, which have now hit Europe four times and hit Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, as part of the growing evidence that integration and multiculturalism have failed.

What disturbing scenes, so little reported outside of France, and even within France, these riots have received the most attention on anti-immigrant websites. Every time Morocco wins a game, Arabs celebrate with riots, throwing bottles, stones and fireworks, looting trucks, vandalizing cars, and the police try to control them with batons, stun guns and tear gas.

The French national team is now set to play Morocco on Wednesday, December 14. Due to France’s large Moroccan population, a pattern of riots, and the historical animosity some Moroccans feel towards France, police are reportedly preparing for mass riots.

France has the largest Muslim population in Europe, and for many of them, the football game has taken on more than cultural and national significance, but also religious significance. For example, Le Parisien reports that the Muslim world has increasingly embraced the Moroccan team as its own, describing how “Qatar fell in love with Morocco”, which is now “the team of Muslims around the world”.

Khaled Beydoun, a law professor at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville School of Law who calls himself an expert on Islamophobia and civil rights, also wrote that Morocco “defeated 3 colonial European nations in 10 days,” and with a victory against France. . they will win “the hearts of formerly colonized people everywhere.”

Really? Will the “formerly colonized” peoples of India, Kenya, Vietnam or Namibia feel that a Moroccan victory is also their victory? No, it will be seen as a victory for the Arabs, who were among the greatest colonizers in history, conquering lands throughout the Middle East and North Africa, converting local populations to Islam, making them take Arabic names and eventually convincingly, he told them that they too were ethnically Arabs.

Damien Rieu, a politician from the Reconquest of France party, wrote in response: “Where we see a simple match, everyone sees a historic revenge.”

The Arabs are giving Moroccan soccer victories in Qatar a meaning that we in the West do not have. These matches are not contests that will test either side’s worth of civilization, but just tell us which team managed to field the best soccer players on a particular day in a stadium in sunny Qatar.

Rieu went on to write: “It is paradoxical that Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are the victims of colonization. Their ancestors colonized Spain (and part of France) for centuries. They are taking demographic control of entire parts of Europe.”

Arabs and Berbers from North Africa conquered the Iberian Peninsula beginning in 711; they were the “settlers” who ruled most of Iberia for nearly 700 years, finally losing their last foothold, the Kingdom of Granada, in 1492. Christians and Jews in Spain and Portugal were the colonized.

Khaled Beydoun’s claim that Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia were victims of European colonization is greatly exaggerated. The lands of North Africa were for five hundred years part of the Ottoman Empire, and those who ruled them were also Muslims, the Ottoman Turks. As for the so-called French “colonizers”, they held Morocco for a mere forty years, from 1912 to 1956, and Tunisia, similarly, was never a colony but a protectorate from 1881 to 1956. There is a massive movement of French “colonizers” . There was only one true French colony in North Africa, and that was Algeria, which the French ruled from 1830 to 1962, and where there was a sizeable population of French “colonies.”

Rieu was referring to the Muslim conquest of Spain and parts of Portugal, which lasted almost 800 years in certain parts of Spain. In 711, a group of Muslims from North Africa led by the Berber general, Tariq ibn-Ziyad, captured most of Spain and Portugal before this occupying army, over the centuries, was finally driven out by the Muslims. Christians.

Furthermore, in the last 10 years, more and more research has shed light on the horrendous role of North Africans in the European slave trade, with much of the focus of these slave traders on white European women. For about 1,000 years, pirate corsairs from North Africa raided the shores of Europe, taking women and selling them into sex slaves. Many of the men who were captured were castrated.

For a thousand years Muslim Arabs raided the shores of Europe, seizing men, women and children and bringing them back to Muslim lands where they were enslaved. Muslim corsairs even managed to raid cities in Ireland and on some occasions as far as Iceland. The sack of Baltimore was one such raid. It took place on June 20, 1631, when the town of Baltimore in West Cork, Ireland, was attacked by pirates from the Barbary coast of North Africa: the captain was a Dutchman who had converted to Islam, his crew was made up of Algerian and Ottoman Arabs. Turks. The attack was the largest ever by Barbary slave traders in Ireland. Two hundred thirty-seven villagers were captured and returned to Algiers. The men served mainly as galley slaves or as simple laborers; women were sent to harems, most to be sex slaves, and some to serve as attendants.

About 1.25 million Europeans were captured by Muslim raiders and sold into slavery, mostly in the century between 1580 and 1680, according to American historian Robert Davis. This story, of white Europeans captured and enslaved by Muslims, is hardly known in the West.

Which brings us back to what happens when Morocco beats France, or France beats Morocco. In France, on December 14, there will be non-stop rioting by Arabs, including Algerians who are at other times back to back with Moroccans over their countries’ dispute over Western Sahara. These riots will express joy or despair, depending on the outcome of the match, in exactly the same way, the only way they know how: raising furious riots all night long, throwing stones, bottles and fireworks at the police, beating up the lonely. Infidels who cross his path, vandalizing cars, looting stores. And the French will have endured yet another sign that their elites made a terrible mistake in allowing so many of France’s enemies and its infidel indigenous people to settle among them, far behind what Muslims consider enemy lines.


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