Toni Kroos is at his best again

Toni Kroos will be recognized real Madrid legend when he decides that his time is up at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

The 31-year-old says he fell in love with the club from the very first day of his seven-year stay in Madrid, and the feeling is mutual among the fans.

real Madrid supporters enjoyed Kroos“Control not only the ball, but the entire game since his debut on 8 August 2014, when he signed with Bayern Munich for 25 million euros.

Integrated from day one

Just four days after it was announced real Madrid player Kroos came into the spotlight against Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup and presented a cool show that will be familiar to everyone real Madrid the fans are very fast.

Since then, he has played over 300 games for the club and has formed a strong partnership with the midfielders. Luka Modric and Casemirothat you saw real Madrid win three consecutive Champions League trophies among multiple national titles.

Even without knowing Spanish when I first joined the team, Kroos made his way to the hearts of the locker rooms and his adaptation and learning efforts were greatly embraced by his peers.

Balancing club and national team responsibilities

These days, when football lasts an entire year, many players struggle to find a balance between the obligations of club football and international football, but Kroos you’ve found a middle ground.

Introducing Germany was a lifelong goal, he was wise enough to understand that it was real Madrid who pays his salary.

As a result, he acted wisely, negotiating breaks if necessary with the then.Germany manager Joachim low to make sure he can do his best when the Spanish league returns.

The completion of Euro 2020 last summer saw Kroos Decide to end the day with Germanyallowing him to focus 100 percent of his efforts on real Madrid

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