Toni Kroos: favorite team-mate of Real Madrid scorers


Toni Kroos‘return was a pleasure real Madrid fans. The German overcame his physical challenges and finished 2021 in top shape, topping the standings. White‘title fight from midfield.

His accurate pass deserves applause for many years now, and by the end of 2021 he will be the best assistant in La Liga Santander, scoring 12 goals. He is closely watched by a teammate Karim Benzema in the charts, with I raisedWith Jorge de Frutos next.

Kroos“Performing will make you think he’s going to have a career as a coach, but he himself doesn’t want to go that route, despite how clearly he understands the games.

Kroos The locker room is said to be as cold as ice and there is some evidence to support this. In 2014, after winning the World Cup, Angela Merkel came to the German dressing room to congratulate the team. There she was surrounded by the whole team, except for one player. Instead of, Kroos sat alone in the background.

He has become more famous due to the weekly podcast he puts out with his brother Felix, for example, that he barely set foot in the center of Madrid in more than seven years in the capital. His admiration for and friendship with Robbie Williams came as a surprise to many, and he also spoke out on issues of homosexuality in football, human rights in Saudi Arabia and more.

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