Tommy Lee pulls down his pants and walks around the stadium to talk about his new sex business.

Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee never shy of the camera, showing his private parts, as you can see in his Twitter account however now he wants money for it since he just opened his new one only fans score, and he made a big splash in front of many fans of concerts in Las Vegas.

Motley Crew finished their Stadium Tour together with Def Lepard, poisonas well as Joan Jettin Las Vegas, and Lee’s time to bring all the attention to the scene so that everyone knows about his decision.

Tommy Lee started out by saying that he was a little upset that his explicit photos of his penis were removed from the Instagram platform, however, he found a solution.

He dropped his pants in front of everyone

While you’re teasing las vegas raidersstadium that he was going to show his private parts, he started to unfasten his belt, then he started to unfasten his leather pants (they were obviously leather too), and then, when the moment demanded, he turned his back to the crowd and pulled down his pants to show the words “ONLY FANS” written on each buttock.

Official post on Instagram

And right after he posted another photo of himself with the caption: “You heard it tonight,, join me there for some fun that Instagram won’t let us here!” He also took the opportunity to include a fully clothed photo of his wife, Brittany Furlan.

Instagram and Twitter policies are different

About a month ago he went all out and tweeted a photo of him showing off his penis and it seems he is posting on instagram, the pic has since been deleted from instagram but is still on twitter, you can visit his account and see for yourself.


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