Tommy Fury predicts the duration of the fight against Jake Paul


Fans would like to see wrestlers Tommy Fury and Jake Paul face off. In two different instances, a battle was scheduled to occur. In both cases, it was Fury who backed down. The first time was due to an injury, and the second time because he was denied entry.

Recently, Paul decided to call out Fury on Twitter, stating that he is ready to come to London for the fight. He even told Fury and his team that they won’t be given any more chances. If a fight doesn’t happen now, he never will. Needless to say, Paul is serious.

“Dear @FrankWarren, I agree to fight Tommy in Manchester or London in February. I will go to your country, I will not run anymore”, wrote Paul. “Your baby will be born then and you have said that there is no problem. Since John insists that we have reached an agreement, I give you 7 days to present a contract signed by Tommy or I go ahead.

Now, TMZ reports that they just spoke with Fury about the upcoming fight. Apparently, Fury is very interested and is already making predictions. He believes that he can knock out Jake in four rounds and that it will be an easy job. Also, Fury believes this fight can silence the haters.

“I want this fight more than anything because it’s an opportunity for me to put everything I’ve been hearing for the last two years to bed,” Fury said. “And you have to put him to sleep because at the end of the day this man is not in my class, he is not in my league, and he is a YouTube wrestler, that is what this man is. I am a proper fighter. I am from a fighting family. I have aspirations to win world titles.”

This fight has not yet been agreed upon.


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