Tom Brady’s latest TD ball was tracked down after being given away by Mike Evans and is expected to sell at auction for $1 million.

TOafter Tom Brady made his last touchdown pass at Tampa Bay Buccaneers“Loss in divisional round Los Angeles Rams, Mike Evans caught the ball and gave it to the fan, as is customary for a wide receiver.

Evans actually gave Brady 600th TD pass ball earlier in the season, but the Bucs staff quickly reinstated it and rewarded the fan. This time no one knew Brady is retiringso the fan left with historic football and was eventually tracked down.

The fan who decided to stay anonymous when talking with ESPNexplained how the whole situation developed. He bought tickets the day before the game after being convinced by his wife.

“We stayed for the whole game and I just held him like a child and we watched them come back and lose,” an ESPN fan said. “We stood there for a while while the players left the field, then I stuffed it into my jacket and we just walked out as usual. Nobody approached us or something.”

Fan to sell Brady’s last TD ball

It was his first time attending a Buccaneers game and he will now sell the ball to Lelands auction for expected 1 million dollars. Brady’s 600th NFL touchdown ball was auctioned off $428,841.

“Everyone was screaming, but I just stand there, clapping, and the ball hits me right in the chest,” said the seller. “I tucked it in like I was a runner, because I was sure that four or five people would catch me to grab the ball, but this did not happen. My wife was still happy and I told her:Look look I got the ball.'”

Instead of holding the ball, the seller wants it on display somewhere where every fan can enjoy watching the piece. History of the NFL. He also knows that the money raised from his sale will change his life.

“Retirement was the first thing we thought about,” the salesperson said. “Since then, we have been thinking that maybe we won’t retire, but this is a good nest egg in case we do. Hall of Fame on the screen.

“It has to be somewhere where everyone can enjoy it; it part of history.”


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