Tom Brady upset over Antonio Brown drama, chose to evade questions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had his customary weekly Thursday press conference prior to the Week 18 game against the Carolina Panthers, in which he evaded questions on the topic of Antonio Brown.

Brady, who was instrumental in getting AB to the New England Patriots in 2019 and the Bucs in 2020, is hurt by what happened, but is focused on the end of the season.

Tom Brady’s words

“I think there’s a lot of personal, obviously, feelings. I don’t think this is really the week to discuss it though,” Brady said. “You know, I’m just going to do the best I can do quarterbacking the team, try to put together a great week, finish strong. You just always deal with different things over the course of the season. That’s what we’re doing this week.”

“I think you always like to target-you know, you want to get everyone involved, obviously. I think the receiver position is always… they’re a long ways from the football when you stand out there,” Brady said. “As a quarterback you obviously do the best you can do. You try to read the coverage, you try to find the open guy, and you realize that guys are gonna be open, and unfortunately you don’t get it sometimes. And other times you make bad reads and make bad throws, and it’s part of playing football, playing quarterback.”

Tyler Johnson, a 2020 draft pick, would be one of the players who will have to fill the void left by Brown and the injured Chris Godwin, and Brady has confidence in him.

“He made the most of it in his opportunity. He started last year, did good things and continued in the offseason, camp and had options to make plays against New Orleans. That’s how he’s continued. With Chris’ injury, losing Antonio, there are players that will have to take those spots and get the job done. Those are tough shoes to fill, but we’ll do our best to get the job done.”

Upset with 17th regular-season game

If anything Brady was upset about it wasn’t the Brown issue, but that the league decided to add a game to the regular season.

“I feel fine, there are some bumps and aches and pains, but I’m ready for the last game of the season. I would have preferred to have stayed the season at only 16 games, it would have been a smart thing to do, but these decisions are not up to me.”


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