Tom Brady makes 94-yard TD run: Bucks beat Bills in OT

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12/13/2021 –

TI have Tampa bay pirates (10-3) win Buffalo bills (7-6) in closed overtime. Victory came on a historic night for Tom bradywho passed Drew Brees as the player with the most completed in Nfl story.

Buks had 21 points to start the second half, but Josh Allen rushed into the end zone to bring his team closer to the scoreboard. A field goal early in the fourth quarter increased Tampa Bay’s lead, but Allen threw the ball. two landings in four minutes on 14 unanswered points, bringing the score down 24-27.

Tom brady failed to get his team to score, and Buffalo nearly missed his chance to level the score after a two-minute warning, but Allen made the first down pass at 4th and 4. A few games later, Bills drew. 25 yard field of play Tyler bass

Overtime bills against the bucks

Brady is back on the field with 16 seconds left on the clock, but decided to let the game go to over time… Accounts won coin toss get the ball first in OT, but a quick triumph brought Brady back into the game.

The OT movement started at Own six Buks after a great punta buffalo. Leonard Fournett managed to barely cope with the first 3rd and 1st to keep the possession alive.

After the judges announced skip interference in defense of the Bills, Brady gave a long pass for Breshad Perryman score a 58-yard TD on your first goal of the night. Bucs has now won four games in a row, nearly winning unit name

Tampa Bay will now host New orleans saints v Week 15and Buffalo will return home to meet Carolina Panthers

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