Tom Brady is back, making his first return to practice with the Buccaneers ahead of his 23rd season.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender Tom Brady reiterated on Thursday that he would not pressure his friend and one of his best offensive weapons, the tight end Rob Gronkowskito return to the network for another year at their first press conference during obligatory mini-camp for the 2022 NFL season.

Tom Brady: “I’m not a sports car”

Possible return of Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski, whom Brady convinced to come retirement in 2020dated his quarterback in the off-season for a few passing sessions, but that doesn’t mean the Gronk will be playing in 2022, at age 33.

“I think obviously everything is up to him and we would all like to play with him, but he has to make the best decision for himself and he understands that. Anyone who cares knows he’s doing what’s right for him. I think we will, “Let’s hope he comes back, and if not, we’ll still have to go out there and figure out what we need to do.”

Has he had contact with dolphins?

In addition, Brady admitted that he had contact with Miami Dolphins, after rumors circulated that Brady might change teams again towards the end of his career. In this regard, there were rumors that he was even offered a leadership position in the team after his retirement, as they need a quarterback who can offer them some stability after decades of mediocrity.

“I have had many conversations with many people over the last three or four years of my career about what I will do when I decide to retire from football, but I have made the decision and I can stay in the game. until at least 2022,” Brady said.

Alleged disagreements with Bruce Arians

He assured that he had no disagreements with the coach over the past two seasons. Bruce Arieswho announced his retirement in March, shortly after GOAT announced his decision not to retire from football.

“Zero, not at all. We have a great relationship with him,” Brady said of his relationship with Bruce Arians. “One of the reasons I chose to be here was to be with Bruce. I mean, we had incredible communication with him, and I have a lot of respect for him. He knows how I feel about him, and this is the most important thing. And I know how he treats me.”

He also noted that he fully trusts his new coach. Todd Bowleswho made the jump as the team’s defensive coordinator to replace Aryan after his retirement:

“This should be our best opportunity to show our best football because we have been together longer. We know each other, we know the pattern, we’ve been through a lot of difficult circumstances, and now we have to do our best.” .”


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